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  1. wd-40

    Terrain quality

    buy better PC and you will have chance even to make videos
  2. wd-40

    Terrain quality

    the only one solution is to buy better PC, fps is not a problem at all
  3. Ahh 500 meters, BANG!!! HOW DID I MISSED?!? HOW DID I MISSED?!? Simply loot your dead body and stay in same position.... Suka blyat...
  4. Yes sir, we spoted 2 bots in a rocks and there was any admin online. Altis map sir
  5. just now 2nd time tryed this mission and found 2 bots in textures of the wall. Pity that we didnt have screenshots but admin can check that out.
  6. just did cdf 2-nd time. On that mission bots stuck in textures of rocks and this mission cannot be completed. My friend found 2 bots in textures
  7. Small team of me and my friend liveund searching for a players for our small family. We are russian speaking team with 3000 + hours. REQUIREMENTS: Language: Russian; Adequate behaviour; 18+ (strong mother russian language sometimes persist) -------------------------------------- RUSSIAN TRANSLATION: Наша небольшая команда из 2-ух человек (в команде Я и liveund) ищем ребят в нашу небольшую семью. Разговариваем мы на русском, имеем огромный опыт и играем вместе с Arma 2. Будем играть на карте Алтис как только она выйдет. Принимаем только игроков 18+