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  1. wd-40

    What Wat? Part 20

    Back once again for the renegade master D4 damager or power to the people Back once again for the renegade master D4 damager with the ill behaviour Next time use Murka russian song in remix ?
  2. By the way stats what penny given is a lie. Every day this server is high pop up to 70 people. Even now it is full, so i am believing my eyes not that "statistics"
  3. I will talk with developer of that server. By now i can say this server is exile, have allot more mods installed map is allot moded than SG servers. It have on peak 80 players and it is militerised. There ive get twice more fps same as all my team members. Since i dont want to promote this server it will be not named here.
  4. Hosting is ultimatively important cause server fps is formed depending on server hosting
  5. I am considering that 30 frames on such hardware is bad.
  6. Good day lads, My team consisting of 12 people + suffered since latest change of server hosting FPS issues during high populated times. We have good computers before every restart we restart arma and computers to get FPS maxed out. Compering to other server which i will not name here we have FPS incresed 2 times. Server 1 (Exile full of mods and 80 people online) 60 - 80 fps. On SG exile we have 20-30 fps. I talked to admins of named server he said they are paying to very good hosting provider 170 bucks a month. My suggestion is to change hosting. By now my team really much likes our loved SG and we would like to have it better with amazing FPS. Also want to decline that this server which is not named here base parts on lvl 10 flag is 600 and there are alot more bases on server than on SG Altis. Want to decline that that server has more mods and structures than SG Altis. Want to decline that our heli drivers OHS, Aplle and Mr Spox having good computers but during heli fights FPS drops to below 20. Also received same complaints from KEPKI team since we are playing together sometimes here and there ATM.
  7. safes limited to maximum 20
  8. Not supporting this idea. Even would like to offer location of a kill to spot HOT PLACES
  9. admins we will cover u with money twice if napf will happen
  10. wd-40

    What Wat? Part 19

    Nope) I prefer konchita wurst ?https://goo.gl/images/E6Mb5o
  11. Lets wait for developers to reply.
  12. We have on server some existing cars which are not used. I think it will be better using database fm server to know which of them are not frequently used and with small their retexture make them armored (to have like 100 or more armor). For example ive never seen smart car was used. It will be fun to use it if it will be armored so admins can add armor there and inspired by mad max movie to add some texture to make armor logical. It can be simple as well.
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