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  1. Lets wait for developers to reply.
  2. We have on server some existing cars which are not used. I think it will be better using database fm server to know which of them are not frequently used and with small their retexture make them armored (to have like 100 or more armor). For example ive never seen smart car was used. It will be fun to use it if it will be armored so admins can add armor there and inspired by mad max movie to add some texture to make armor logical. It can be simple as well.
  3. Morning all! Since new inmate market updated would like to suggest following. Button My trades or My items. It will make for players to see what is left to sell from your items. P.S. new inmate market is awesome it look like it never lags and it is so much easier to buy there) Thank you Sean. You are scripting GOD
  4. wd-40

    More Slots

    Want to support Tyler. If there are 4 admins joining game it is already 4 premium slots occupied. And a person paying to have ability of premium joining. SOOOOO add admin slots only for admins and add couple of slots only for premium users. PROFIT
  5. There are not only fruits there. There are even kokaine packs there lol 😄
  6. Going to make rad runs. Every run will be screenshoted and amount of money will be shown here
  7. Since the latest rad zone discussion with @Rosco Coltrane ,@Dexter M and @Kristian i am really unhappy what rad zone can offer by now. Espessially quantity of money. So Here is a mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208270228 Easy to install. This mod contains weed plants or money or big bunch of stuff i am going to test later that can be added to rad zone. Don`t have any clue yet how to make it more interesting but it is easy to balance selling price for example of kokaine item or money item that spawns in rad zone.
  8. pics are broken for me
  9. Nobody liked my suggestion with SMA mod 😞 Feeling homeless and abandoned.
  10. Nobody liked my SMA suggestion 😞
  11. Just wanted to propose wat team to go play PUBG