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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I was shot with what appears to a be a G36, of which had no audible gunshots. Thanks
  2. Would it be possible to buff the inventory capacity as well??
  3. I feel like with the price of the Xi'an, to remain in line with other similarly priced vehicles, the X-32 should be able to carry three to four crates, at a minimum two (it currently carries one), as well as having its inventory capacity raised from 3000 to 4000, again to stay in line with other similar priced vehicles such as the Huron (65000 pt, 6000 inventory capacity), or the Blackish (75000 pt, 7000 inventory capacity). Thanks!
  4. Balut

    Pushing Planes

    That was just an example I found. I know that you can push back smaller planes such as a Cessna 152 or a Piper Archer by hand, without the need of a automotive tug.
  5. Balut

    Pushing Planes

    With the size of Altis, I feel like the utility of fixed-winged aircraft finally has a place. But due to the rough terrain of some areas, after landing it can be hard to maneuver to be able to take off again. We have the ability to rotate aircraft left and right, but we need the ability to be able to push and pull aircraft, to get them out of tight spots. Although I can/t remember the name of the mod/script, I have seen this done on other servers. irl example
  6. You're right. Its not gonna give you a free 60k every time. Its gonna give it to the guys camping the mission.
  7. Ever see Jimlad in a Stider HMG? They can last for a long while.
  8. I just feel that the odds are stacked against you so highly due to the fact that the crates spawn outside of the CP. With the way the system works, you're essentially completing the mission for some one else. Like yesterday at a CP we were doing, the crates were being camped by a Marshal from 2k away. But I guess that's a fair trade off for people dropping the tabs and disconnecting.
  9. With the changes SG made to the ZCP system (with the pop-tabs no longer spawning on the player, but rather in two separate crates that airdrop outside the CP), I believe that in order to balance these changes out, server-wide notifications of CPs being capped (both at start, at 50%, and at 60s) should be removed, with only the "completed" notification remaining. We don't get notifications that missions such as "Armed Strider" or "Building Supplies" are in the processes being completed, so why should the CPs be any different? With air dropped crates (which will usually land anywhere from 10 to 60 meters away from and outside of the actual CP), they're essentially no different from any other mission; instead of building supplies or a vehicle, you get pop-tabs. With the caveat of course, that the whole server gets notified to not only the presence of a player/players doing the mission, but also the time to completion. To possibly take this a step further, the color change of the CP on the map indicating player/mission activity could be removed as well, but I feel that removing the notifications alone would suffice.
  10. Whenever I get repeatedly kicked for this, I find that unplugging my router from power for 30 seconds, then re-plugging it seems to solve the issue. From what I've read and heard, this problem has something to do with BattleEye establishing a connection or something along the lines of that. I hope this helps someone ?. YMMV.
  11. KOTH stats aren't tied to your name, its tied to your profile, regardless of your name
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