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  1. Join Sabre Defense Group Today! {SDG} I have settled a plot of land on [SG] Chernarus Server And Started a “Family” Named: [Sabre Defense Group] AKA {SDG} |[Sabre Defense Group] AKA {SDG} | I personally have 2500+ hours combined on DayZ & ARMA 2/3 and even more on other Mil-Sim Games I just came back from a long 1-2 year hiatus because of Escape from Tarkov where I spent another 2000-4000 hours. I am the Leader of Sabre Defense Group. I will be your Leader and Commander if you join, recruitment will be selective and if I don’t think you have good vibes or a good attitude then you will not be allowed to stay in the “Family” I have started building a base and am looking for experienced Semi-Serious Teammates with good situational awareness and good marksmanship, also looking for skilled pilots. Requirements: ———————————————————————————— 17+ Years Old Minimum of 375+ Hrs of in ARMA DayZ/WL/Exile experience Must have Microphone and Discord Must be able to take care of your own pop tab expenses Must have a good laid back vibe and a good attitude (no ragers) Must be willing to follow my orders to work as a team to carry out objectives and missions for the benefit of the Family. Must be willing to shut the fuck up if you are being annoying, petty or loud during combat-situations or missions. Have fun but don’t take things TOO seriously. Represent our group in a non-toxic way to build respect unless directed by me or another top member with my express approval. If you can follow these rules and requirements you can PM me or get ahold of me on Discord if you’d like to join the cause. We want to bring relative peace throughout the North east but also take out bad actors while helping newer players. English Only, but Europeans welcome. Play Exclusively for now on Chernarus ONLY I’m looking for a group of about 10-25 players total so that there’s about 3-10 active at any given time of day, there will be designated ranks so when I am not online it is in the next chain of commands responsibility to maintain, protect and expand the base and our Assets. If you bring people to join the family and you show promise in skill I will let you help me run the organization and give you a commanding rank. If you’re interested get in contact with me. Discord: Spasx#7751 [Sabre Defense Group] AKA {SDG} Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cXymsde
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