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    Knockout Tournament How the event will run: You will be teleport to the event You will be told how to play the event and given the rules of the event. You will then be matched up with a player and teleported to your 1v1 arena after all eliminations of the first round we will move players to the second arena for their next 1v1 battle (this will continue till there is one person left) After event prizes will be given out (There is only one total round be prepared to fight it through) How to join? After the server restart the admins will either have a scroll option to teleport or they will ask you to type "TP" (ONCE) in chat. When? Saturday January 12th After 9pm GMT Restart Prizes: First place: 500,000 Poptabs Second place: 400,000 Poptabs Third place: 300,000 Poptabs
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    you wouldn't have been much help anyways