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Exile Discord Bot - XM8 Notifications

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We now have a Discord bot that allows you to manage your territory and get XM8 notifications about your territory.


Join our Discord: https://discord.spartangaming.co.uk


All the commands for the bot can be found in the #exile-server-manager channel.

If you need help with it, then please just ask.

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1 hour ago, Mikko said:

If that tells you when someone is raiding you, then it suck! 


That's what the xm8 app does and everyone seemed to like that. No one likes offline raiding.


Plus it does a whole lot more than just telling you when you are being raided. You can pay for your territory, upgrade it, add players to it etc...


You can also gamble all your money away.

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Ofc everyone like that ? it just tells them when im raiding their base and I like offline raiding a lot ? im bussyboy i know... But i raid allmost everytime alone and thats why i dont like that app, 100 ppl logs in just front off me so no much i can do ??(its ok just saying)

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