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  1. Last suggestion for the week i promise. Can we at higher levels of respect even get the choice of an arid or semi arid ghillie as well as the lush and the huge bush spawn kit? Just one choice of each would be nice if its not too much of a pain in the ass.
  2. I figured if there was mod it had been considered before, and probably had problems since this server has been live so long. The asp though while it is a higher caliber is balanced by the short range. That and the fact that even though its quiet it is kinda screwed by the distance indicator in the kill message. I thought it could be moved over for that. I honestly dont think ive seen anyone run it other than me. If I could bag stash it id buy it at the BM more. Guess ill just get around the loadout deal and just buy a few and put them in a safe somewhere. Thanks though.
  3. I know i'm the only one that will request this... like ever. Can the ASP be added to the safe zone trader so I can build a loadout with it there. No one ever uses it but me i think, so I doubt this would even be noticed by anyone... but me. Please and thank you gentlemen for the consideration. Have a great day. Also i forgot to ask if anyone knew of a mod that would let you carry like 2 primary rifles instead of a rocket for arma 3. I think having that option would be nice. I think having the ability to switch between a long range and close range weapon would be nice that had more hit than the pistols since they are so weak. Hell even if you could customize what weapons could be equipped together would be better so you dont get the ol m107/navid combo. I was thinking like one larger rifle or lmg then smaller weapons that have more capability like 5.56 or some 7.62 rifles/smgs and what not. Thought i'd mention that as well as i remember seeing arma 2 having a double weapon deal at one time. Thanks again.
  4. Yeah i figured most of them hate night but thats why I thought my ideas were like a 80/20 split. You still get some night but not enough that it would be a big deal, but enough to enjoy occasionally. I think its reasonable but figured i'd throw it against the wall and see what stuck. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I have a suggestion that I would think could be fun and mix it up but wouldn't be big enough of an issue to matter. I suggest or would like to see some Night features. My two ideas are 1. maybe every couple of restarts have the server start at a earlier or later time to give it half day and half night or 2 hours of day and 1 hour of night and idea B. Maybe if that is unappealing then possibly making every 1 restart every 6 to 8 or less a night restart. That would be fun to use the NVGs, and tracers and get crazy. I am sure night servers have come up before but I didnt see a post and if they did maybe they didnt have the same ideas I propose. It could be fun to see. I only play altis currently so it doesnt have to be all servers.
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