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  1. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    Finaly got a slot?
  2. FREE 20k Poptabs - Collect Here

    Magnus HoMp^ Martin Hope it's ok i type for them since they are old (35+) and are not very good with the forum and such lol
  3. Event Suggestions

    It's just Magnus, this is my steam id if neede: 76561198212778980
  4. Event Suggestions

    Event Template Name of event: Race GP #1 A short description of it: Just a race from Vybor to to Chernogorsk there is no ''TRACK'' you have to find the fastest way there and you will be allowed to ram so a bit of dirty racing but ramming on own risk of dsync and such and teaming is allowed but since no shooting is going on it dosen't really make a difference What will be needed for the event to be carried out (ie what vehicles buildings): Buggys Suggested Prizes: 1st: 65k 2nd: 45 3rd: 25k and for participation 10k