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  1. Mod additions and removal!

    so is SWAT WAT gonna turn into a swedish UN force ?
  2. Flag

    I think there should be a set limit on how many stackable walls you can put up to defend your flag. I feel that at some point wall stacking with too many objects or walls ruins the mechanic of raiding. I also think it would lead to better base designs and layouts since you can't make a 3x3 and a flag stacked with a bunch of walls or something along those lines. You might have to come up with a better base design to offer more protection. I daresay we all catch ebola when we see something like that. Now, for sure it is raidable with 12 wood charges and 12 concrete charges, but lets say there was 2-3x that amount of walls...
  3. SG gameplay vol.2

    Nice vids man, its nice seeing such a big and active group on the server ! Hopefully we bump into each other more often and duke it out ! Cheers, Mcribs