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  1. Exactly how hard is it to understand ? It does not matter if you on your own everyone been in that situation so i seriously doubt the rule will be changed due to incompetence to realize you can not flee into a safe zone just to save your stuff. As for the question what you suppose to do : Drive off to another trader and maybe you lost them by then or drive around and think how you may lose them long enough. No more needs to be said the admins have explained the rule above.
  2. MrTickles

    To much rpg!

    I wouldn't talk runlad and worry over k/d ? do what you do best and hag out in spawn towns to keep your precious k/d. also you guys infamous for using armored vehicles the most out of big groups well second to boners if i'm honest.
  3. MrTickles

    To much rpg!

    Or better yet just leave it as it is doesn't cause any problems sides everyone will only just come back complaining over rpg next all because you fell asleep at the wheel of your precious armored strider ? seems to happen alot on here people complain or suggesting to add or change stuff just because of getting killed.
  4. MrTickles

    To much rpg!

    you seem to miss the fact we already know how to handle armored cars and heli that pretty much majority like to hide behind armored stuff but when i referred to solo players i'm talking about players that don't have experience and mainly the players that tend to have little to all chance because they rather wiped out by big groups. so rather just make it more simple for them to get one and if you rely on a armed vehicle and get killed with it then that your problem not a matter to reduce launchers. More simply deal with the fact you will lose those vehicles. plus there some groups that rather just run away anyway because they rely on armored vehicles too much. even way i do agree there nothing wrong at the moment but if people are going to use armed stuff way more often then launchers should increase a little. oh maybe reduce the chances of getting armed vehicles since it only takes 10 min of server restart to easily get one.
  5. MrTickles

    To much rpg!

    It all good if you're in a big group like beef or Wat but for those solo players that have to handle being on there own against majority of these players that like to hide in armored vehicles i honestly find it fair and even specially if people hiding in bases still using gmg those alamuts are those solo's only hope of defense lowing them to as they were before in testing just simply applies the advantage to armored cars and disregards solo players which then have to be really lucky to pull a shot of to kill the driver or even against a big group that uses one pretty much has zero chance against. so if they plan to remove them from cp why not make them really rare loot finds or similar to m107 or ksvk finds with just one or 2 rockets which then allows people to still have a chance specially if people are going in to spawn towns with armed hunters or marids. Over all i don't see it fair for anyone to reply by saying then they just have to find a group because not all players want to join groups so just consider that option or something similar that still allows those that can't get to missions so easily as the groups to have a equal chance too.
  6. well i already know some people that agree they would like those cars and as for a hand full used I'm pretty sure I've seen them been used more and people do like to drive something with style instead of old beat up BTR's all the time. Sides some groups got to make things interesting and give people a chance of fair gain instead of using armored stuff to hide behind all the time.
  7. Well the ones I've taken a liking to is the 458 Italia with GMK , US police Merc and Mustang as well Audi R8 which are all located on the list of permission the server allowed to use. but like i said before there is some cars that have just been sat in the server and most likely never been used compared to the BMW and Renault's.
  8. If i'm honest some of the current don't really get used but having ones like Audi R8 and Italia 458 Gmk as well some police cars would be pretty awesome i would probably use those versions a lot more ?
  9. Agreed event was a lot of fun and it was just unfortunate on the outcome but better luck next time ?
  10. 100m off the ground and over 500
  11. actually used it and even avoided 3 stingers just last night so maybe you guys should go practice more than try give me excuses
  12. Here a simple answer adding flares is dumb plain and simple and people crying for flares on a plane that if you can actually fly the thing properly can out run a stinger. also what next once you not satisfied with flares thermal more speed? all i'm seeing is people asking for something because they keep getting shot down or do dumb stuff. so instead of asking to make it more op how about you learn how to use it properly instead otherwise don't buy one at all.
  13. It already more than effective enough so adding flares would be entirely pointless to a spitfire and reducing the cost would be unbalanced just like stingers and pawnees. regardless it would look stupid seeing flares come out of a plane that clearly not ever suppose to have them. So expect to be reselling them at end of server time if you not capable of finding a way to hide or store them in your base.
  14. You must be insane to add flares to a spitfire! ( That a insult to Spitfires in history) Did it have flares in WWII? It proven you can out run a stinger good enough already. Also adding flares just so you can just end up crying more later because you do dumb stuff then blame the plane? You sir need jesus
  15. No for Abramia it 15
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