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  1. No for Abramia it 15
  2. Then if it not a problem for yourself why change it honestly I'm not seeing anyone else complaining and sides if you get raided gather your stuff back up and raid them back it the whole point of the pvp making it higher just restricts the whole purpose of raiding. also if you read the current restriction on raiding even for a group such as WAT it can take at least 6 hours to get a whole base emptied specially with blue safes taking 25 min to hack and the hacker only gets 5 tries a safe to hack as well to mention if next server restart the play pop can be less than 15 online then the raid becomes a failed one. So really there already enough counters to raiding.
  3. If it bothers you that much solomon join a group for better security of your base or find a better way to keep your base safe there no need to change the required pop to hack because it has stopped people plenty of times from completing there raids.
  4. Sweet i get a shout out!! #WinkySucks
  5. Hey so i'm not really good at making suggestions but I've notice over the increase of stuff been added which is all good would it be possible to add a new uniform pack to the server? the first mod is VSM gear pack 1 which has all items working and no existing issues when added to traders with preview pictures but overall this mod allows a huge and fresh selection of gear for the players that are tired of TRYK. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605161675&searchtext=vsm The second mod i believe has been mention to a member of admin before but it allows for those players that are looking for there favorite country uniforms to wear. the second mod i would like to suggest is Killochs Multi-National Pack. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/172023-killochs-multinational-pack/ Both of these mods work fully and i have personally have had no issues with and found none that would give any concern to cause future trouble when added.
  6. okay next time you in game pm me Mako or N3xon.
  7. Hey guys what your in game name? just so we can pm you in game
  8. are you in the server now? and what your hours and experience on arma?
  9. Honestly we been here before and with current arma update issues and the point of not all have capable pc to manage arma since it is a high demanding game i say the best route is not to just consider what the main player base pc is and if it can manage it. (Otherwise you could end up killing players off since there no option to help there fps)
  10. i think the current way fine i mean there 50 slots and if you want that fix so all your group can get on Houston then donate loads so they can up player pop i mean there a lot of vikings more than comes on and we wait and sit back till a slot open and to be honest it first comes first served nothing more really has to be said specially since a 50 server is expensive to maintain and having reserved slots allows a two way street players a certain spot and the server stays up for everyone else.