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  1. Notice after the changes the other day it says claim vehicle on already claimed vehicle, you get a mesaage saying you can't load creates from certain mission and the 35k unmarked med tank from normal trader does this thing were it lunges forwards quickly. And the anti glitch thing buses you in and then back out of your vehicle so fast you can't move it and I think it just blows you up as it didn't say an npc or player shot me in the chat just I died. Was using the base as cover as I was doing a mission that was behind it and I parked the car at a 45 angle to form some cover from where the character usually gets on to the wall there was at least a 1m gap as I knew I couldn't get out any closer
  2. Another idea is when a vehicle that claimed is destroyed entering the pin drops 70% of its Vale in tabs on the ground. just things to make it less of a pain to lose an expensive vehicle to 2 or 3 rockets. But still have to pay more than what they did to blow it up.
  3. Yes I know what you mean that's the 1St thing I thought of. But I'm considering a more enjoyment perspective as I can spend 200k on a slow apcs and someone goes eh and shoots 3k worth of rockets at it and I lose everything. I fully understand the idea of pvp and denying the enemy. B ut maybe something like you can repair an exploded vehicle or you can't explode it but only disable it the owner is more than like 300m away. Just ideas as it sounds kinda lame going to a mission in a 165k + apc to have it fully destroyed in seconds well you can't even defend it. I think maybe a pay 15% of your vehicles cost and get it back from a trader would be cool in this situation. Thought?.
  4. Would it be better if we had a system that made it so people can't just rpg any vehicle they find. I myself have parked multiple vehicles some costing 165k + to do a mission etc, only to come back minutes after for someone to have sat there shooting rpgs at it till it explodes. My problem with this is that it's more trolling than playing normally. I believe this because by destroying parked vehicles your not only waste their money but yours too as you get nothing in return. In short I think this action is trolling as the player performing the action gets nothing in return and only does it to spoil somebody else's time on the server.
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