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  1. Harry is busy selling drugs, Cerin and david are on XXX, no clue where Fala is
  2. The Suspect


    Havent played on this server for a little bit and am getting back into it now. Looking for a group to play with. My gametime: around 2500 hours I speak english and estonian(the latter of which probably wont be seeing much use)
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042277635/
  4. He almost got his girl pregnant and is now playing fortnite
  5. Hello! My IGN is The Suspect and im looking for a group to join. ive just recently started playing arma 3 again and decided to jump back on this server. Last time i was on was in December so some of you might even remember me. Ive been playing arma since 2013 and currently have 2000 hours of playtime on arma 3 exile alone. Hope to see you guys out there!
  6. Hey man I'm down to play but won't be able to today. Meanwhile can you give me a bit of info on yourself (where you're from, how long have you been playing exile for, how old you are and so forth)
  7. It's been like that forever the only cars you can find are suvs, but the helis are usually heavy cargo lifting ones so they sell for something
  8. One does not simply do a mission and not get shot at the crate
  9. That was a really awkward gunfight with the arid ghillie guy
  10. Um FatDoggo you do know this was in September?
  11. contrary to what most people are saying i would like to start on a clean slate starting monday (not much to do now with respect maxed and all), plus if it fixes the crashes even better
  12. These mods seem really cool. would love to see these on the server. (didnt like MAS that much anyway)