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Bob Bauer

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  1. Oh and make grass only high/ultra in options ;) Heh.
  2. Read a lot about kicks etc on the SG server recently. I've racked up a load of hours on here recently, yet weirdly I've had no issues at all? Anyway, good luck with the new server and I hope all goes smoothly :D
  3. I didn't know you could drop money!?
  4. Random Vehicles...?

    Since the wipe, what has happened to the random vehicles? Or is it just me!
  5. Nuclear Zone...

    Thx Sean!
  6. GIMMI MONEI (plz) - Bob Bauer Ta :D
  7. Nuclear Zone...

    Hi Guys What's the score with the nuclear zone? What do I need to stay protected? TIA Bob
  8. Please add Bush Kit to the crafting menu

    Just watched a vid on YouTube of a Bush Kit.... Looks ridiculous!
  9. Roaming animals

    Lol! I've only been on the server for a few weeks! What was the reason to take them off again btw? Also, could you kill them and then use them for meat? I can't see any point of the cooking pots, matches etc...
  10. Concrete mixer

    Ouch so quite a target if you use the free mixers!
  11. Event Suggestions

    Gumball sounds fun!
  12. Terrain Setting to Low in or out ?

    I'd like it fixed to high/max/ultra...
  13. Concrete mixer

    Not use the cement mixers yet.... how long does it take to 'mix' things, I mean is it instant or ages like hotwiring a vehicle?
  14. Roaming animals

    Are the animals in yet, I've not come across any yet? :)