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  1. Oh and make grass only high/ultra in options ;) Heh.
  2. Read a lot about kicks etc on the SG server recently. I've racked up a load of hours on here recently, yet weirdly I've had no issues at all? Anyway, good luck with the new server and I hope all goes smoothly :D
  3. Random Vehicles...?

    Since the wipe, what has happened to the random vehicles? Or is it just me!
  4. Nuclear Zone...

    Thx Sean!
  5. GIMMI MONEI (plz) - Bob Bauer Ta :D
  6. Nuclear Zone...

    Hi Guys What's the score with the nuclear zone? What do I need to stay protected? TIA Bob
  7. Please add Bush Kit to the crafting menu

    Just watched a vid on YouTube of a Bush Kit.... Looks ridiculous!
  8. Concrete mixer

    Ouch so quite a target if you use the free mixers!
  9. Event Suggestions

    Gumball sounds fun!
  10. Terrain Setting to Low in or out ?

    I'd like it fixed to high/max/ultra...
  11. Concrete mixer

    Not use the cement mixers yet.... how long does it take to 'mix' things, I mean is it instant or ages like hotwiring a vehicle?
  12. Distance

    Keep it, but I would like it to show on screen in a different corner than top left as it overlaps the 'Party' player names....