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  1. I have just checked and it appear your battleye stops working. if it persists these is a checklist to run though and should cure it. The battleye kicks are nothing to do with our servers and happen on others, there are several things which may resolve it: 1. Waiting until the next server restart (every 3 hours starting at 00:00 GMT/BST) 2. Swapping to another network card on your computer, this has fixed 100% of cases that we know of 3. Restarting your router 4. Changing your IP via cmd or your router 5. Downloading and running the following file: https://mega.nz/#!BwwhlTKA!0F0eiHr7FnGs01ExwxpuH8UaO4L_WjaZPk41f5ihHa0 (this clears your arma 3 cache).
  2. the reason for your kick is our server is full and the last 5 spaces are premium slots which you can buy from our store. or just keep trying and eventually you will get in when a space becomes available.
  3. Do you get any error messages?
  4. join our teamspeak an admin will try and figure out your problem.
  5. Moved to correct forum.
  6. The Ai will engage helicopters within range with any weapon they have. As the Ai is fairly strong anyway giving them AA would stop people flying helicopters all together as I am pretty sure the AI would engage any helicopter even just for a fly past or at range no where near the mission. I think the balance is right at the moment,
  7. Thanks for your suggestion WE did have enhanced movement in the past but we disabled it, at this time I cant remember why tho @Sean will know the answer to this.
  8. We turned the cycle off due to a 100% time people voting day before it even went fully dark. I will speak to Sean and see about starting a vote and see what the player base wants. With a view of turning voting off.
  9. Its not our rig or rig is extremely high spec. It is not an issue with SG we have done everything on our side. The lag within open doors is a separate issue which is been looked at. its an issue with bohemia/Arma when they did the latest arma update they screwed up Battleeye amongst other things. Our server is updated as soon as the mods are updated. Also be aware that not every player is having this issue and only a few players are reporting this Issue. There are few fixes which seemed to do the trick. Firstly when you verify your steam files just verifying does not fix the issue. You have to delete a3.pbo in your addons folder and then verify the game. Also if this doesn't fix the issue I have had reports from 1 or 2 players that resetting your router/hub also fixes the issue. After all these have been done and still haven't fixed the issue on your A3launcher verify all the mods and any mods that are installed via steam so your SG mod, Cup things need to be deleted from your arma folder and then reinstalled/subscribed. Like I say this not a an issue caused by us or our server and has come about from the latest update not all servers are suffering with this just a few also not all players are suffering with this issue and just a few which also shows that its not an issue server side. If anyone needs any help or clarification the admin team are available at most times on the team speak Supafly
  10. excellent video. keep them coming.
  11. Supafly


    Hi O'Connor. You have 2 options. Option 1 Head over to our store page and purchase this below. A Senior Admin Or above when they come online will help in packing into a large crate and ready it for it be moved. The bonus of this as well is you don't loose you territory level. Option 2 You pack the base yourself into a vehicle and transport it yourself an admin will then delete your flag for you. This way you DO NOT keep your territory level and there are no guarantees. Supafly
  12. Cleanup Routines and Territory levels updated.
  13. Please rest assured we have been looking at different reason as to why the server is crashing one of the reasons we believe is since the latest update, battleye has been giving us some trouble. Sean is very well experienced in the development and running off servers and has run countless of diagnostics to find the cause, but sometimes communities are left with no option but to wipe. Server wipes are never an easy choice and are normally as it is in this case taking as a last resort. We will run many events and little mini events to give people a helping hand to get you back on track with your stats, poptabs etc etc. For the newcomers to our server/community it is quiet easy to level up and get your poptabs on our server so no one should really take that long to get back to where they are now. If anyone has any questions or issues I'll be around on teamspeak at most times or you can always send me a Private message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Supafly
  14. So your telling me Arma 3 updated and nothing broke.......
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