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  1. Such as? We are always down to hear the communities suggestions, on what they would like to see added/changed. However adding stuff or changing things isn't just going to change overnight.
  2. Dazhy

    Cerins gaming setup

    When he AFK's hours on farming simulator
  3. Dazhy

    Admin Base

    The base will be open, it will be guarded by admins, we will try to defend the base which contains safes with tons of items for players to grab.
  4. Dazhy

    Admin Base

    Admin Base The admins have built a base on the server. You have to attack it and kill all inside! You and your group will have to gear up and come and try to kill us! We will be heavily armed to defend the base! There will be crates filled with money and high end loot will be in the base for you guys to take. Event starts on: Saturday, April 06 - 9:30 PM GMT There will be an announcement on the server when event starts. Bring your own gear. Rules: Dropping items from the safes isn't allowed. Breaking any server rules during the event will result in the same punishment as usual. Prizes: Crates with Money, Building Supply's, Raiding Equipment, Weapons. Good Luck.
  5. Dazhy

    What Wat? Part 23

    Winky’s Special
  6. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    No thankyou.
  7. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    No worries.
  8. Dazhy

    What Wat? Part 23

    That ain't it chief, dancing pigeons... can't beat that.
  9. Dazhy

    Kill comp #1

    Nice Video.
  10. Glad you are enjoying it.
  11. Dazhy

    PAcket base?!?!?

    Whenever a member of staff is available, which is higher admin and above.
  12. Dazhy

    PAcket base?!?!?

    You should know where you want to build probably before you buy it, as said it goes in a crate that despawns after restart unless it’s in a vehicle storage.
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