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  3. Changed: Autorun: Improved the previous fix^.
  4. Changed: Autorun: You can no longer "jump" while autorunning. You can no longer instantly pull out your weapon when you stop autorunning. You can no longer instantly standup using auto run. Edit: Further less annoying fixes will come next restart.
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  6. Please PM me for a chat on discord if you are interested
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  8. Music choice is about as good as you are. Take that however you will
  9. P.S Wait for better quality. (1440p)
  10. LYSY

    Amateur Video

    Siwy. przestań nakurwiać te filmiki godzinami. Jak będziesz je przycinał na np wybraną piosenkę albo daną akcje to o wiele więcej materiału będziesz miał na następny filmik oraz lepiej będzie się to prezentowało
  11. Joel


    Any possible way to disable weather effects such as rain while maintaining a Morning to Evening Cycle?
  12. Der Reiz des Spiels wurde durch mehrere gewinnoptimierende Spielfunktionen und große Auszahlungen verstärkt. Das alles trägt zu wachsender Popularität des Spiels und gewinnt immer mehr Fans auf der ganzen  hier Welt. Besonders anlockend ist die Möglichkeit Book of Ra Classic kostenlos zu spielen.

  13. ACAB


    It has a big impact on shadows when the sun sit low on the sky. I also like the more yellow tint that occurs during sundown. Not to mention the look of tracer-fire at dusk or dawn is epic. +1 -1 for fps eating rain.
  14. Nick


    As far as weather, that probably wouldn't happen. ie Rain or thunderstorms. I like the idea of it going from morning to afternoon for a nice cosmetic change. Although, I'm not sure how noticeable it would be plus that not at all up to me.
  15. Setavai


    Even though im not opposed to this, im not quite sure what this would add which would make for interesting pvp, it would just make the map look a little less static, since we've voted not to have nighttime, we'd have to avoid making it too dark to see properly, so it wouldnt be that different from how it currently is. its mostly a cosmetic upgrade i'd say, i just dont know if this has any negative sideeffects for performance, plus if this would introduce rain aswell, that's gonna be annoying
  16. Joel


    I know the weather to be changed has been suggested before and always denied but that's mainly because everyone has asked for night time. However, what if the weather gets cycled from Morning to Afternoon to Evening and then starts over again. This should keep things fresh and could make for some interesting pvp.
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  18. Hallo, mein Kumpel und ich beide 1k+ Arma 3 stunden suchen nach anschluss an einer Gruppe, gerne auch einzelne um vielleicht eine neue Gruppe zu bilden. Spielen derzeit nur auf Chernarus MfG
  19. Also, it seems you are loading into Tanoa?
  20. try these steps on the SG Mod Best way to get Steam to force download mods: - Unsubscribe from the broken mod. - Confirm all files related to the broken mod are deleted. If not, delete them yourself. Workshop mods can usually be found here (depending on your setup): D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop - Close Steam and make sure all launchers are closed. - Open Steam and Subscribe to the mod again and let it download. this is a direct download to the sg mod also, you can try put that into your arma mods folder directly https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E9MZPX0QqVqrftH1agJalZauBUA8BXFq/view?usp=drive_open
  21. Du musst den SG- Mod nochmal neuinstallieren Wenn du den Thread auf Englisch erstellst, kann dir die Community schneller helfen. Oder du benutzt den Discord von Spartan gaming.
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  23. Then you shoot your gun till one of you 2 dies
  24. Level 1 base has a really small radius, so it might be why
  25. @Sgt.Demora You probably weren't inside your territory. You need to be fully within the territory radius to store a vehicle. You can open your xm8, go to your territory and show radius to see where you need to be. If you were within the radius, then we can look into it further to see if it's a bug or something.
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