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  1. From now on, I'll be recording everything, bro.
  2. My mpld sniper m320 spyhole has disappeared inside a base safe, is it a normal bug? can I get it back? or do I have to buy another one?
  3. thanks, have you thought about it? I did not think that there will be a mission
  4. well I do not care I have money to equip again but I could not go to loot my body in that mission there were like 20 bots ... but thanks to what you think I thought already
  5. That was passed ROSCO and I tell you that I did not break any rules I take them to order ... what bothers me is that I had a perfect loot mp7 m320 and stinger rpg ... when I disconnect ... I was alive because I went to eat with The family reconnected and I appear dead because an NPC killed me ... if you know well how the game goes when you connect, the player stands up, bone raised and I when I disconnect ... I was lying down ... when I see the dead and I see the map right where I disconnected there was no mission and I just connected and there is a mission less than 100 meters from my body ... it is unfair to lose my body because a mission is where I disconnect, don't you think? if you don't give me back the loot nothing happens but you know that I'm legal at all times
  6. I do not understand you are admins to help ... and you do not help anything, just say no and the tests are necessary for us ... because the photo from before and the current photo in both had my m320 and stinger and mp7 ..... if not You return the equipment ... nothing happens but at least fix the bugs on the map ... or learn to map better
  7. really ??? you are admins you can see the players their last disconnections and see where you are on the map ... and I cannot play and record at the same time how you will understand ..... and please ask them to do their job well and give me back everything what had thanks
  8. I disconnected to eat. When I reconnect I appear dead, and I cannot access my body and my weapons because just above me without knowing, a mission appears ... could they return my equipment? MY BELONGINGS WERE: STINGER RPG X2 RPG MISSILES MR20 SILENCED X 20 8G CHARGERS X2 INSTALLED X2 DUCTAPE X3 COOFE X3 EMRE x2 EXTENSION CORD X1 DEFIBRILLATOR X1KNIFE MP7 SILENCED X 20 MP7 CHARGERS I WANT YOU TO DO YOUR JOB AND RETURN THINGS TO ME. COULD IT BE? BEFORE THE BUG AFTER THE BUG
  10. ok well i will see that it is thanks "Sean"
  11. Good to all, I would like to know why they removed the ArmaSquad emblems on the server (SG) Altis Mode Exile ..... that when you got on a motorcycle or car or helicopter you saw your (photo) team, can you explain to me why did they remove it or can they put it on again? PD: [AFS] Rubenzio (sorry for my English) ANSWER WHEN YOU CAN
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