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  1. i know the artillery tanks are not in here but those tanks have alot more armor and u can take them out with one wellplaced rocket, same with bobcat and panther
  2. with all these numbers that said i still get around 60 fps with terrain on ultra whilst on low terrain i get around 40 fps
  3. i play on ultra terrain with a i7 3760k xeon and gtx 1060 SLI
  4. forced graphic settings doesn't alienate anyone you get better fps with terrain on ultra than on low.
  5. my pc is about to turn 6 years old but. i get more frames with terrain on ultra than on low.
  6. Bergen Size is 480 and the new one is 600 so it's not that big of a difference imo, just like double the price from 950 to 1900 or something.
  7. ofc the hype is real we've been playing cherno for ages it's time for something new, time to set out on a new vast adventure.
  8. it's actually nice that the servers won't be hived cause that means no one gets ahead so to speak.
  9. i would like to see this mod implemented into the server makes you think twice about how many mags of a certain gun u want to take, like you can't have 20 mags of ksvk ammo and more ammo for some other gun. you have to think about weight you're carrying i've played like 3-4 days on a server with this mod on it and it works fine no despawning of ammo or the weapon itself.
  10. Use of ingame mechanics when you can use rappel as a ropeswing.
  11. jimlad all you do is sit in balota all the time lmao with your grp.
  12. WhiskeyDick is only making this post cause someone rekt him yesterday pawnee prices are good as is.