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  1. That 3k on in the end was sweet dude :p
  2. Amen Kaleido <3. if you remove every single mod that can be exploited you will be put back to the core game. And after that we will still find ways to exploit the core mechanics of the game, therefore, making us delete the entire game from our computers. Problem solved I guess
  3. swinging thru walls is illegal. There is simply no way to stop glitchers or prevent glitches. Heres an example: You can run and prone thru walls. "remove prone option". If you go read the rules I'm pretty sure it says something among the lines of: "do not abuse ingame mechanics for bugs or exploits." There will always be glitches to abuse, removing a mod that lets players rappel is just straight up stupid. 70% of players dont know the glitches and see the mod as a great addition to the server for more variable gameplay and more fun.
  4. Hvar

    Rocket Launchers

    So, I see that the spawnrate of launchers has been decreased. However countering that the price has been significantly decreased aswell. Putting us back to square 1 in my opinion. In my eyes. You guys did something. but something to counter that again-
  5. Headlads got a great point. Full Banks = 0 from wages. 2k on body is better than nothing and as he pointed out. When driving/flying a armed vehicle gas station rearms are handy. This would be a great addition to the server.
  6. With the New raid system. Having a perk to speed up hacks/grinds seems like a good idea. Any thoughts?
  7. Hvar

    CDF Bridge

    The bumps arent visible as the texture is still shown but you fall thru it. I have had a problem with it using many different common vehicles and usually when Rosco responds to me he gives a biased immature opinion. Try with vehicles like quadbikes, chevys, BMW, Audi, SUVs. Really just about anything that isnt military or a monstertruck.
  8. Hvar

    CDF Bridge

    Strange how everyone else I have talked to about this complains except you Rosco...
  9. Hvar

    CDF Bridge

    As much as I appreciate the New bridge, is there a way someone could remake it so that the vehicle destroying speedbumps get taken out? Some parts of the bridge have height differences that break the vehicle.
  10. Pawnees are cheap and they are trash. You can litarraly shoot it down with just about any gun you picking up from the floor. If you "need" AA then chances are, 1. you are either terrible at the game 2. The Pawnee is not even engaging im combat with you and is therefor to far away to be shot down with a red dot sight.
  11. Hvar

    Rocket Launchers

    Matrix: Hello all, unfortunately my website is broken and is not allowing me to comment so I have asked Hvar to comment for me. I think this is a good idea due to the fact that you can buy an armed vehicle for 90k that is destroyed by a single rocket. This makes these vehicles not a waste of money but more like a very expensive sniper due to the fact that you cannot go close to anyone. I do not think removing rocket launchers is the solution, maybe just decrease their spawn rate or make rockets more rare as an ai spawns with a rocket launcher and 2 rockets. What is everyone elses opinion?
  12. Hvar

    CDF Bridge

    Alright, so it's been a while since the bridges to CDF and RadIsland were added. As much as we all enjoy using bridges to get to where we are going they are currently aids. Boats are already slow as shit and a hassle to travel in. going 5-6 Km from boat trader to get to one of these islands was already enough pain. With the bridges, you now have to drive your boats around both the entire islands and meaning you are going to have to spend another10-15 minutes driving a boat. If there is any way to raise the bridges so boats can pass underneath that would be amazing. I know you guys personally didn't make these, so I understand if there is nothing you can do.
  13. Hvar

    Exile PKP OP

    Yeah you know what. I was just salty cuz I like buying the PKP since the update xD I agree it should be put on black market. Price shouldnt be that high tho. It's pretty much a walmart Navid.
  14. Forgot to add the part were you now don't get XP for hacking anymore either
  15. Hvar

    Rocket Launchers

    Exactly what I made the post for my man! Slow vehicles = Boom! Glad to see others agree!