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  1. Is griefing a base you've raided illegal?
  2. I still get kicked randomly even though I have a VIP slot.
  3. the FAL has an effective range of 1300m and there is a variant with a grenade launcher.
  4. I found a pretty nice helicopter at an airfield. I think the vehicle spawn frequency could be increased though.
  5. Hello, Had an issue with my locker. After spending literally 3+ hours at the Work Camp mission, escaping on foot with 50K pop tabs and running about 7km to Klen trader, I deposited my money and saw it update in my locker appropriately. Next day, money I banked was gone. Not sure what the cause of this is. I deposited the money with over an hour left til server restart, so that wasn't the cause.
  6. I feel like this happens because the mods update and then the server doesn't update their mods as fast.
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