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  1. -In game name: McNuggets -Age: 19 -Location/Time zone? CET -Do you have a Mic and access to Discord: Yes -How many hours u got in arma? ~ 930 Hours -How much hours have you played on Exile: 930 Hours (Never played anything else except Exile) -Why do you want to join Envy? I'd like to play the game with someone, playing alone is kind of boring. I'm not really a lone wolf.
  2. Maxi

    Ammo on BM

    Navid's very easy wepon to find, I can't get to understand why people need to buy this weapon, when you can just go to the radzone and find a few Navid's & 25 magazines. If you can't get the M107x you can aswell use the KSVK - It's accurate, 80HP damage on APDS rounds which can easily penetrate most of the walls/vehicles and It's not expensive.
  3. At the beginning read this: LINK - That'll give some insight about the mod, you can learn some useful things from that. After you get to know the basic information, you can go to our discord, there you have the section "Looking for group", select the server you willing to play on and just ask some people if they want to team up. You also want to watch how other people play, from some of the videos you can actually learn how to find a good spot/position. Try your own, calculate the best spot from where you want to approach mission/people. There are many people with thousand of hours on Exile so I'd really recommend trying that out, cheers
  4. Due to coronavirus the toilet paper has been moved to black market..
  5. I recommend to watch in 1440p (YT's slow bastard so we need to wait for it)
  6. Hey buddy, good to have you here with us
  7. hey i saw you were looking for a group and was wondering if you'd be down to duo until you do. just came back to the server and been looking but no one has been recruiting, rather boring soloing


  8. Hey! Lookin' for people to team up. 500+ hours, Can speak english/polish and some little russian. STEAMPROFILE
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