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  1. To be fair isn't this what you group has done and sometimes still does? -JP
  2. They updated motors to be audible from longer distance away "Tweaked: Increased the audible ranges of vehicle engines" -JP
  3. If player.entity.emotion = "Rage" OR "Sadness" OR "Crying" Then exec{ playercon.kick}
  4. I would have to agree with Rosco on this. That will open up the possibility for the already geared people blocking of missions more effectively as that is what those spawns are most commonly used to. Have you guys ever seen gvodzno when there is a CP close by? It is a quick draw competition that will in the end draw in the snipers to the hills and the CP / other worthwhile mission is there all alone and perhaps someone might get it done. Most often it just leads in to side chat banter about spawn camping and then no one completing the mission due to not being able to spawn there and actually get to the mission. I can see the point also where you would want to have more spawn points up north but in my opinion without them you actually would be forced to think how you engage your enemies rather then go in guns blazing already being ready to respawn.