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  1. The flag was stolen and never returned and you ran out of protection money while that the base was stolen. Not much we can do as it deleted the base when protection ran out.
  2. Well you answered pretty much your own question with 1 of your pictures. The yellow portion has no grass. Grass is only rendered 100m around you and thats it. Grass does not render in either when you scope in to further distances. Hence there is no point having it at all as the average fighting distances outside of city are more then 100m apart, especially when we go out to middle of the map.
  3. Would you have video of this happening? Also how did he come to sell it? Did he drive it in or not?
  4. The thread got out of hand so now its locked. We will look into the pkp
  5. You would not believe how many groups have just vanished and there is no ban or punishment linked to them going. Besides it could be that they noticed that shit our base is gone and then didn't want to pay for the restoration hence they might have quit arma or moved else where or gone to altis who knows.
  6. How about the fact that the base was gone because the forgot to pay? Take off the tinfoil hat already....
  7. Now, I would like to halt the discussion of the removal of the grass or any other possible ways of removing objects, doing so will most likely end in ban down the line. The AC might actually be able to tell that you are not drawing stuff you should, just saying... The grass is not rendered in after 200M so any long distance shooting still would not have grass on your opponent but you will have it, hence people do drop down to low ground detail in the view distance settings. Also @Finance you questions about turning certain things off, as long as you do it via the ingame hotkeys or menus its fine as then it is working as intended.
  8. To be fair isn't this what you group has done and sometimes still does? -JP
  9. They updated motors to be audible from longer distance away "Tweaked: Increased the audible ranges of vehicle engines" -JP
  10. If player.entity.emotion = "Rage" OR "Sadness" OR "Crying" Then exec{ playercon.kick}
  11. I would have to agree with Rosco on this. That will open up the possibility for the already geared people blocking of missions more effectively as that is what those spawns are most commonly used to. Have you guys ever seen gvodzno when there is a CP close by? It is a quick draw competition that will in the end draw in the snipers to the hills and the CP / other worthwhile mission is there all alone and perhaps someone might get it done. Most often it just leads in to side chat banter about spawn camping and then no one completing the mission due to not being able to spawn there and actually get to the mission. I can see the point also where you would want to have more spawn points up north but in my opinion without them you actually would be forced to think how you engage your enemies rather then go in guns blazing already being ready to respawn.
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