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  1. Make soloraiding great again!! 1.!!
  2. ONLY FINNISH PPL!!! Jos nämä täsmäävät sinuun ---> - Yli 18 vuotias - Osaat pelata ja omaat hieman peliälyä - saatana perkele vittu mäkäräinen Ota yhteyttä niin sovitaan TS treffit ;) Thank you for reading this shit where you cant understan anything hihihihihi!
  3. Mikko

    SG Wattage

    Pretty bad player... 250k you own me because using my base to kill ppl!
  4. there is much more styles to get good and easy and cheap xp, but information cost some poptabs or items ? , more information you can ask from me in game "Octavia" ;D
  5. Mikko

    Safe dspawned

    it was me, change your base location plz
  6. Damm you guys did it allready ? Good job!!!
  7. Thx for reselling my works so i dont need ?
  8. Hello! If someone knows where someone live PM me and tell who and where. [Cherno] ? Ps. Lets make the bussiness roll better
  9. haahahhaha :DD yes, you need to kill the campers before you run to the loot! or use other tackticks like car with smokes or something, its up to you my noob bussyass firend
  10. Octavia`s Raiding Service, How Can I Help You?
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