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  1. Yes I know, maybe futuristic was the wrong word to use but from just looking at them they look like a more modern version of the HMMWV.
  2. There is an armed HMMWV from Exile in the Black Market I believe. Other than that you can use the Vamtacs, which are basically futuristic HMMWVs.
  3. Seeing as there has been a large amount of requests for information regarding our vehicles and crate loading system I decided to make a database of all our vehicles currently on the server. [SG] Vehicle Information Database Clicking this link will open a Google Sheets containing all available vehicles in the traders. On the first page you will find all the vehicles in regular traders. While on the second page you can find all vehicles found in the Black Market. This list is a temporary solution while we work on some other things to improve this feature in the future, but due to demand we'll put this out for now. To clarify a few of the things mentioned in the Sheet I would like to explain that "FFV Position" is a position which a player can shoot with their weapons from their seat. "Mounted" means the weapon is operated physically by a player, "RWS" means the weapon(s) are remotely controlled by a player, and finally "Fixed" means the weapon(s) are controlled by the pilot of the vehicle and are pointing in the direction of the vehicle. If there is any information you are uncertain what means, let me know below and I will include an explanation here. Hopefully this can be a help for the few of you who want to know the stats and information behind all our vehicles. Considering, however, that this is quite an extensive list and the amount of changes we do there might be a slight few bits and pieces that are outdated, though I have tried my best to make it as accurate as possible. If you find any information that is incorrect, please let me know and I will update it as soon as possible. :)
  4. When Conzole Failed as a Santa

    Watch out, Frankie will come avenge Sada any second now.
  5. Poor armed Heli

    Adding flares to every heli is being looked into, I believe that should be sorted soon. As for the missile radar I am not sure if that is possible to turn back on. Think it might be Exile messing with that, it doesn't quite fit into their UI it seems. Though if that can be bypassed it could be quite nice to know where it is coming from, I agree.
  6. Helis

    Sure you may get a few kills, but if it's kills you're after, a Strider HMG or the likes will be much more effective in getting kills. An attack helicopter in my opinion is better used as a threat/support vehicle.
  7. Helis

    Basically stay away from missions where the AI have Static MG and armed vehicles. Helis and vehicles in general are very difficult to use against AI missions, they're better used against players. So for example Capture Points would probably be a better option over Missions. There's still AI, but they shouldn't have too powerful guns so if you stay a little distance away you should be able to survive for the most part. Helicopters I would say is only viable against players, so if only used against players it's just to fly like you normally would. Also a slight note to make is that the miniguns on most of the armed helis aren't always the most accurate, the GAU-19 however is pretty darn accurate. This combined with the fact for the Pawnee miniguns it usually takes more than 1 bullet to kill so they're not the best 'killing machines' though of course some make good use of them. They're more a threat factor and provide suppression, which is just as useful if used properly by your ground team.
  8. I agree, putting the money into the crates sound like it could be a good part of the solution.
  9. Base building and raiding rules

    Anything not mentioned in the rules should be legal until stated otherwise by the rules and/or staff. Depending on your definition of greifing, it could be legal or illegal. So if you want to define griefing I could tell you in more detail.
  10. Random kicks are different to being kicked when connecting for a reserved slot. It could be a whole host of issues, just a random disconnect, crashing, BattlEye deciding to be difficult or any other number of issues. This is Arma after all.
  11. Kill compilation VOL 1. by John Doe

    Perfect! I just bought an i7-8700k and gonna put a pretty decent Overclock on it too. 2nd Christmas in January, can't wait!
  12. Kill compilation VOL 1. by John Doe

    Please tell me your ways, good Sir. How have you mastered the impossible art of stable FPS in Arma 3?

    Please make a post under this thread: When you have I'll give you your money. :) Thread locked.
  14. hello

    Please make a post under the correct thread: Thank you! :) Thread locked.