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  1. I think a decent incentive to contest and go in and capture CPs would be a decent sized XP bonus to the one capturing the CP. Getting XP is a bit of a grind at the moment, so adding that to the CPs would be interesting in my opinion. Not too large so it throws everything out of balance, but a good amount to make it worthwhile. As for a little backstory on why it's like this at the moment is because people can't play nice. Previously all money went onto the person capturing the point, however a large part of the playerbase upon completing the CP and getting the money, would simply log out in safety inside one of the CP houses and take all the money with them. So we distributed it out inside the two crates instead. As for your difficulties it's true that people tend to camp CPs, but they're also not too fit for solo players to take on. You can also move around a bit while your inventory is open, just open your inventory and start moving around and you'll be a harder target to hit while you stand there looting.
  2. MrAndy

    New prices on BM

    That thing is already added, Nick! 😛 It's the Nyx (AT), though the AT Missiles have been disabled. Both the ones on the left have been added, top to BM and bottom to normal trader. Question is if the AA version (bottom right) is to be added, which I do not think is strictly necessary. Feel like it'll just be used as base AA defense which can fire multiple AA missiles in quick succession. Personally think that's a little over the top and the Stinger + Static Titan combo should be good enough for now.
  3. MrAndy

    New prices on BM

    Personally I think 150k for a Hellcat is a tad steep, it's got the same armaments as a Pawnee, slightly better armor, and able to carry passengers so a higher price is justified but probably something along the lines of 120k I'd reckon is better. This together with moving the Ghosthawk down to potentially 90k or so would be appropriate, it's barely used at all and you need more players in the air to make it actually viable, compared to the attack helis. The Pawnee however I think is sitting pretty good at 100k for now, it's being used quite a lot, and can be very very effective.
  4. There is unfortunately no snowmobile model out there, so we'd have to make it ourselves if it was something we were going to implement, and I do not believe we are able to do so. I would imagine it'd be possible to make something drive well on the snow compared to the Quad, but again there is no model available.
  5. I would personally like to see some more weather on the servers as well, but I believe the reason it's not there is because it causes unneeded stress on the server, I.E. less FPS. Not 100% sure but I believe that is why, others may chime in though.
  6. Finally got around to actually properly cleaning my desk so here goes. Will probably be upgrading the PC in the coming months as well, just eternally waiting for the next release in hardware, as you do.. Intel i7 4770k Strix GTX 1080ti ASUS ROG Maximus Formula 16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Samsung 840 EVO SSDs
  7. I do not think the creator has fixed the issues Bohemia had with the mod meaning it will probably be removed once more from the Steam workshop. Thus just making it a hassle to remove once more when it eventually does get removed from the workshop, so I do not think it will be added back in.
  8. I approve @Zombie, simple, clean, and tidy. Maybe I'll have to do mine as well now.
  9. Hence why you make it expensive and not as good as it is currently through config edits, that way you at least have some way of taking down or deterring pilots as a foot soldier, without having to carry around an entire Titan assembly. Unlike the Redeye currently, which is essentially just a big scary stick you're waving around, it's a bit scary but it won't actually do anything. :P
  10. I believe we could potentially substitute the Redeye for the Titan MPRL, AA version of course. Make it quite expensive and decrease the damage of it so that it doesn't one hit explode everything in the sky. If we were able to balance it out compared to the Static Titan I think it would probably be a lot better than the Redeye.
  11. The terrain has now been forced to Very High with modified grass to (hopefully) improve performance even more than in my benchmark. Let's see how this works out.
  12. From what I know we've looked into most available options and come to the solution that is on the servers at the moment, there may be various smaller mods around that might be included with proper research. So if you find some good ones we might have missed feel free to suggest them here!
  13. So because I see a lot of numbers thrown around I decided I have very little to do with my life and went ahead and tested it properly. Below you can see a comparison of 3 different positions and environments on Isla Abramia, this was done while the server was at capacity and shit was going down. Keep in mind this is testing with the normal amount of grass applicable to all terrain settings, as you can find it on the server currently. Turning down grass density for them all may or may not increase performance, though I would suspect it would from the drop of FPS in Low to Standard. I have obviously also turned off all admin tools, as they are known to dump FPS out the window. lul Settings: What I believe to be the most optimal settings for gameplay on my machine, I.E. the settings I always use when playing or otherwise, all settings except terrain will remain the same throughout the testing so should not impact performance or cause any variations that wouldn't otherwise be there due to terrain. Not 100% scientific but a whole lot better than just taking a rough number from a random point on the map. Hardware: Intel i7 4770k @3.9GHz (Because I is stupid and lazy) GTX 1080ti 16 GB RAM SSD 1440p 140Hz Monitor Location: 076085 View: Looking NNW 320 degrees, both a mountain and large amount of grass in frame. Low terrain: Average of about 49 FPS, lowest point 45 FPS. Standard terrain: Average of about 44 FPS, lowest point 42 FPS. High terrain: Average of about 44 FPS, lowest point 42 FPS. Very High terrain: Average of about 44 FPS, lowest point 41 FPS. Ultra terrain: Average of about 40 FPS, lowest point 38 FPS. Location: 008075 View: Looking E 90 degrees, big mountain, a town, a river, and small amount of grass in view. Generally very a busy scene. Low terrain: Average of about 33 FPS, lowest point 29 FPS. Standard terrain: Average of about 32 FPS, lowest point 31 FPS. High terrain: Average of about 32 FPS, lowest point 30 FPS. Very High terrain: Average of about 32 FPS, lowest point 30 FPS. Ultra terrain: Average of about 30 FPS, lowest point 28 FPS. Location: 016063 View: Looking NNW 340 degrees, mostly only buildings and a town view, slight bit of grass and mountain in the background. Low terrain: Average of about 35 FPS, lowest point 33 FPS. Standard terrain: Average of about 34 FPS, lowest point 32 FPS. High terrain: Average of about 33 FPS, lowest point 32 FPS. Very High terrain: Average of about 32 FPS, lowest point 31 FPS. Ultra terrain: Average of about 30 FPS, lowest point 28 FPS. From what I can tell from these tests and on my computer, the best option would probably be Very High terrain with modified grass, turned down as far as it'll go. A compromise to try and fix the terrain bug, as well as minimizing the amount of performance hit that Ultra brings for not too much benefit. That is if anything is to be done to begin with. help me.
  14. KMNP looks great. Allows even more people to choose gear that they can identify with or roleplay in.
  15. In a nut shell, yes. If you have further questions while in-game then just ask in side chat and people will answer you.