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  1. Nighttime

    The in-game votes aren't always indicative of what players actually want! I want night time to be introduced, but I'd still never vote for night because that's just pitch black darkness that comes like a bang, no preparation, no planning. A nice smooth transition into dusk and a tiny bit of darkness at the very end is what most people want when talking about night I think, which means the votes are pretty much pointless for the ones that actually want a bit of night in their lives. The perfect system for me would be something like ACAB described, where 2 hours is normal day, last 30 minutes would be a sunset/dusk type setting, maybe even last 40 minutes, then the remaining 30/20 minutes is normal night. Which depending on the moon and weather would be either pitch black or bright night. This together with disabling votes, I'd call this a pretty fair compromise for both parts.
  2. Welcome to the best Exile server out there, Towlie! Hope you'll enjoy yourself here. If you have any issues or questions you can always just ask in side-chat or hop onto our Teamspeak or Discord and ask an admin there!
  3. Rocket Launchers

    I think it should be left like this for a while and see what happens, if people buy more cars or not. Balance doesn't happen overnight.
  4. Wages paid to person

    Let's keep this about the suggestion, not the person making the suggestion.
  5. Wages paid to person

    And the people with full bank miss out entirely, despite having the wages perks. Which is a bit of a shame in my opinion. Not that they necessarily "need" the money, but regardless. :P
  6. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    The water will probably not be much of an issue, there's water on most maps, so that's probably fine. What I am most concerned about is the hills and cliffs. The main island is riddled with them, which might make missions get a bit wonky. Again though, this is something Sean would have to look into and verify, I'm not entirely sure how the mission system decides where it spawns the missions.
  7. Possible 2nd Server - Map Vote!

    Nothing official. However with that said I have gone through and looked at Isla Abramia and in terms of missions it seems to me like it's a really difficult map to set up. I feel it more suits a sort of curated milsim operation, and not so much the PvP/PvE system Exile has. I'm not too sure how the Exile mission system works, and this would obviously be up to Sean to decide, but there is so many hills, mountains, and water covering nearly the entire map where missions simply could not spawn and work. Unlike Chernarus where even if there is a hill or mountain a mission could still be spawned there and work reasonably well. With Isla Abramia though, the hills are basically cliffs. If Sean thinks this is an obstacle he can get around then I would personally be very interested to see just how Isla Abramia plays. I would recommend everyone to download the map themselves and have a go around in the editor and see for themselves, if you haven't done so already. See what you think about mission placement and such.
  8. Exile PKP OP

    Sean on point. The mastercoder we need, but do not deserve.
  9. CDF Bridge

    The problem is most likely the 2 arch ways or whatever they are. They are slightly lower than the rest of the bridge, which may be why some are having issues. You can see the vehicle drop a tiny bit down then come up again when driving over them. Having too high speed here may cause you to fly across it and smash into the tiny lip on the other side and Arma thinks that's very bad. Might be the issue though I am not 100% sure. Something to look into regardless, shouldn't be too difficult to fix I don't think.
  10. Exile PKP OP

    It's probably a combination of that and the fact it is very good. People want to test out the new features, in some time it might go down a bit but I still do think it would be worth moving it over to Black Market. As well as perhaps increasing the price a bit more.
  11. Rocket Launchers

    I feel currently the balance is too far in favor of launchers. Although I don't have any real statistics I'm pretty sure Marids, Panthers, Bobcats, and the likes are very very rare. Of course there is several reasons why someone would decide not to purchase those vehicles, though a large part of it is that launchers are on basically every player that has played more than an hour. This makes the quite substantial investment into these expensive vehicles only to have them be blown up 3 km down the road very unattractive. As with all issues of balance it'll have to be continually monitored and changed in small ways here and there to get it as close to the middle as possible where both vehicle combat and infantry combat can both be fun and viable, so that all players are happy. Or as happy as they can be, it'll never be perfect, though it can definitely be better.
  12. SG-rpg edition

    What even is that bug at the end there, Arma please.. lol
  13. Rocket Launchers

    As far as I'm aware then yes, most people will probably go to CPs to get RPGs. They can often times drop such a ridiculous amount of RPGs that you don't even pick up all of them, and still have half the car filled to sell.
  14. Exile PKP OP

    Exactly. lol
  15. Exile PKP OP

    They've added suppressor support as well as increased it's zero range. This together with the fact that it already has been very powerful would put it roughly in the same range as the Navid and SPMG. Perhaps a slight bit cheaper than the Navid and SPMG, but still in the Black Market, though it would obviously have to be looked into properly before any decision is made. I definitely think people have simply been using the SPMG or Navid because you can have suppressors on those where as the PKP you could not.