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  1. I think a decent incentive to contest and go in and capture CPs would be a decent sized XP bonus to the one capturing the CP. Getting XP is a bit of a grind at the moment, so adding that to the CPs would be interesting in my opinion. Not too large so it throws everything out of balance, but a good amount to make it worthwhile. As for a little backstory on why it's like this at the moment is because people can't play nice. Previously all money went onto the person capturing the point, however a large part of the playerbase upon completing the CP and getting the money, would simply
  2. Finally got around to actually properly cleaning my desk so here goes. Will probably be upgrading the PC in the coming months as well, just eternally waiting for the next release in hardware, as you do.. Intel i7 4770k Strix GTX 1080ti ASUS ROG Maximus Formula 16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Samsung 840 EVO SSDs
  3. I approve @Zombie, simple, clean, and tidy. Maybe I'll have to do mine as well now.
  4. Hence why you make it expensive and not as good as it is currently through config edits, that way you at least have some way of taking down or deterring pilots as a foot soldier, without having to carry around an entire Titan assembly. Unlike the Redeye currently, which is essentially just a big scary stick you're waving around, it's a bit scary but it won't actually do anything. :P
  5. I believe we could potentially substitute the Redeye for the Titan MPRL, AA version of course. Make it quite expensive and decrease the damage of it so that it doesn't one hit explode everything in the sky. If we were able to balance it out compared to the Static Titan I think it would probably be a lot better than the Redeye.
  6. In a nut shell, yes. If you have further questions while in-game then just ask in side chat and people will answer you.
  7. There's plenty of other solo players here! Some looking for others to play with so maybe you can group up with some of them if that interests you. Definitely possible to play solo too though.
  8. It's been a good while since I last played Invade and Annex but I'm pretty sure it's still around, I used to play on Ahoy World. Not sure if they are still around though. As for KOTH (King of the Hill) you can just join any available server, they are all hived and you'll keep your stats and unlocks on all the different servers. Just make sure you use the same Arma 3 User profile. I would definitely recommend giving Exile a try though, it can be quite fun. Especially with friends.
  9. These servers are based on Exile which is a mod that is based mainly in PvP combat, with PvE missions sprinkled in. You as a player will spawn in with very little gear, have to loot said gear and sell it to gain money (Pop Tabs) to buy new and better gear, vehicles, or build your base. All players will most likely be hostile to you unless you can find a group to play with. I'm not sure if Exile is quite what you are looking for from your description but I can say it's quite a fun way to play none the less. What you describe sounds a bit more like King of the Hill, where 3 teams tri
  10. Apologies, I didn't see this before now. Hopefully you got your problem sorted. If you didn't either check out the Teamspeak or make a post to get some help.
  11. You need to go into your Exile mod directory (where you've installed your Exile mod) and remove the file "exile_3den.pbo" from the folder. This file is only used when building stuff for Exile in the 3DEN Editor and will be blocked if you try to play on servers.
  12. There will not be added more slots, after careful consideration we've decided 65 is a good balance between player numbers and performance. Any higher and it would be too laggy to get any good gameplay out of it. As for new servers it would probably be a good bit down the line before there would be thoughts about opening yet another server, considering we just launched Exile Isla Abramia the other day.
  13. Let people know which server you are looking to play on! Either the Exile Chernarus Isles server or Exile Isla Abramia server? Might get some more interest then!
  14. The base parts will be increased to 250 base parts, not stay at 200 like on the Chernarus server so fret not fellow builders.
  15. Two bases for premium would grant players in-game advantages and thus make us in violation of Bohemia rules.
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