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The Notorious Recruiting

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The Notorious...   Recruiting Members and High Ranks


Welcome to The Notorious we are a new clan that have been playing on the server for a while 

Currently if there is 4 of us it's on a good day  

We are looking to grow our community with some skill required ;) , 

We try to be serious and also have a good time and try to be relaxed so if you want the balance between the two then this is the right place for you 

To avoid bad experiences that we have had we have a small trial period before officially becoming a member. 

if you would like to be part of The Notorious then just reply with your steam link down below or discord. We Look forward to Patrolling with you Adam Leader of [TN] My Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/adama150/  Discord - https://discord.gg/5t56C

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I'm interested in joining - however - your discord link doesn't currently work.


Add me on discord - CoinGlutton#2757




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