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Wipe time! It is very long overdue.


The wipe will happen on Thursday 22nd April at 3PM (BST)

Tomorrow basically


The wipe is for both Chernarus and Altis!

Everything is being wiped. Nothing is staying!


We have some changes to come. A changelog will be posted tomorrow before the wipe.

The [SG] Mod will need to be updated, that will also update before the wipe giving people time to download it.

Some rules will also be changing. They will be posted soon.

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Rules update:


  • All safes must be placed within 3m height (one wall) of the ground/terrain. You can block them off but players must be able to access the safes inventory.
  • (Altis only:) You are not allowed to build within 3500 meters of the CDF. (Measured from the static CDF marker)
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