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Ammo on BM

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This would go against the reasons that we have to take away the gun/ammo from traders.

it are really strong guns that almost everyone did use

by taking it off the bm we made it a gun that you need to work for to use.

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Navid's very easy wepon to find, I can't get to understand why people need to buy this weapon, when you can just go to the radzone and find a few Navid's & 25 magazines.

If you can't get the M107x you can aswell use the KSVK - It's accurate, 80HP damage on APDS rounds which can easily penetrate most of the walls/vehicles and It's not expensive.


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There is reasons for those weapons and ammo getting removed from the trader.


First: everyone was using Navid on both servers and nothing else for LMG, it requires no skill and all you do is bipod and hold left click and you get a kill 1600m away


Second: M107 was 99% the go to sniper on Altis and also has very little recoil compared to Lynx\Ksvk when bipodded so it also required no skill, so instead of removing it completely its now one of the things that is harder to get and why we made a mission for it and its ammo.


You can still get both these guns with plenty of ammo, its just a bit more effort.

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