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Staff Application Template

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Staff Application Template


When you are applying to become a member of our admin team you need to copy the below template and paste in a new thread here


The Admin Team consist of like-minded people from all areas of the Globe who have a vast experience of all things Arma. We understand that new admins still want to play the game, therefore, do not expect to spend all your free time on as an admin, as a General rule of thumb we ask to spend half your Arma play time on as an admin. We also have a strict raiding policy for any admins which would be clearly explained to you in the informal chat should your application be accepted.  Please put as much information and effort into your application as possible as this will make it more likely to be accepted.


Below is a list of requirements that all applicants must meet:


Be at least 18 years old

Be able to speak and write fluent English

You must be active on discord

You are not actively involved with any other communities

Have at least 100 hours on our server

You must have a good mic and have TeamSpeak

Answers are to be written in the colour Green



If your application is accepted you will be asked to join our TeamSpeak to have an informal chat with either one of our Head Admins or Community Managers where we will discuss a few of the finer details of what we expect from our Admin Team. 


If after the Informal Chat you are accepted into the team you will start of as a Trial Moderator with very limited capabilities, Where your main duties are to spectate players and report any rule break to any of the admins and above who will deal with the issue in the appropriate way and help players with any minor issues that arise. How long you stay as a Trial Moderator entirely depends on your level of commitment and how you perform.


Now that we have covered the main points if you still wish to become part of the team copy the below template and paste in a new thread here



Application Template

A short paragraph about you: 


Your in-game name:

Your steam64 ID (you can find it here http://steamid.io):

Your Date of Birth:


How many hours do you have on our servers (you can get this from gametracker here or ask an admin )


Have you ever been banned from any of our servers, if so please explain why?:


Have you been staff on any other community before, if so what was its name and what experience did you gain there? (this won't be used against you)?:


Do you play with a group/clan on our server, if so which one?:


How many hours roughly can you be active as an admin each week?:


Why do you want to be a part of our staff team?:


Why should we pick you over other applicants?:

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