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Staff Application Template

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Staff Application Template


When you are applying to become a member of our admin team you need to copy the below template and paste in a new thread here


Below are a list of requirements that all applicants must meet:


Be at least 16 years old,

Be able to speak and write fluent English,

You must be active on the forums,

You are not actively involved with any other communities,

Have at least 50 hours on our server and 300 hours on ArmA 3,

You must have a good mic and have teamspeak.

Answers are to be written in the colour Green


The more effort you put into your application the more likely is is to be accepted


If you get trial moderator, you are not guarented to become a Moderator after your trial period.



Application Template

A short paragraph about you: 


Your in game name:

Your steam64 ID (you can find it here http://steamid.io):

Your Date of Birth:


How many hours do you have on our servers (you can get this from gametracker or ask a member of the admin team)


Have you ever been banned from any of our servers, if so please explain why?:


Have you been staff on any game servers before, if so what 's name (this wont be used against you)?:


What days and hours are you normally around each week?:


Do you play with a group/clan on our server, if so what's its name?:


Why should we pick you over other applicants?:


Do any members of our current staff team recommend you?:

Is there anything else that you want to tell us about you?:


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