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Larry Melone

Virtual Garage Slot @ Safezone

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Hello ladies and gentlemen


I don't know if there has been a topic concerning this but have you guys thought about a virtual garage slot at the safezone?

Whenever you want to play the spitfire it will end up in a one uptime fun period since its quite hard to land it outside the safezone.

So the idea would be: Virtual Garage slot at the safezone.

This could be combined with some limitations such as 7day cleanups or so.


Additionally it would even make the beginning for new players or people that don't have a base a bit easier.

Let me know what you guys think, over and out.




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Safe Zone garages wont happen. They will be abused too much, no matter on what restrictions we put on it.


But as @S I C K O said, there are garages at each Airfield trader outside of the Safe Zone that allows you to save one air vehicle.

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