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  1. HK 417 RECCE 16in H&K G3/SG1 Scar-H STD FN FAL 50.00 (RIS) Troy M14 SOPMOD M-14 DMR M-21 Ect. Those are like the main DMR's that all 1 shot with 20+ round mags, just get the mag with the most damage, which should be around 17+. If you want something more close range just use any of the 5.56 guns that use the Mk262 Mod 1 SBLR That does like 12.4 damage and you can laser.
  2. Or you can just buy one of the many modded guns that are better
  3. Elite as in EliteNPC, not sure why he switched his name to that, but it was him xD
  4. Dayum, Elite literally got deleted 3 times today... LOL #ripelite That was a hell of a shot tho, was at BM looking at him with rangefinders when that happened too but wasn't recording at the time. Looked amazing
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