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  1. Hello! Longtime player always on hiatus! (Did that make much sense? haha nevermind!) After successfully running several servers (Arma 2: DayZ) with a few good friends back in the day, I would like to share my ideas we had on our servers. They may or may not work but I think these would be pretty neat to add in eventually. Banks This allows players to visit a locker anywhere on the map, however there is a twist... There's a fixed location for each one but they will not display on the map, these will also be mini safe zones ruling out any campers waiting to kill you. I would strongly suggest depositing and making small withdrawals. If you find one, keep it secret. Campsites Again, fixed locations but not easy to find, they won't appear on the map and these will not be safe zones. This would include a campfire around a couple of tents with food, drink and maybe a low or rare weapon drop? This feature allows the player to feel rewarded for finding one on their travels. The campsite will be abandoned so there will be no NPC's. Keep these a secret also! Bounties As mentioned by @Sean this may be abused, however, there are ways around it. This feature can be unlocked using perk points and will have different levels. Level 1: (2 Perk Points Required) 1 - 1000 poptab bounty Level 2: (4 Perk Points Required) 1000 - 2000 poptab bounty Level 3: (6 Perk Points Required) 2000 - 3000 poptab bounty Level 4: (8 Perk Points Required) 3000 - 4000 poptab bounty Level 5: (10 Perk Points Required) 4000 - 5000 poptab bounty NO REFUNDS! Once the bounty has been placed on the players head, it will last 1hr before expiring. If the player survives, they get to win the bounty on their head. If the player doesn't survive, the player who killed them will win the bounty. There will also be a delayed marker on the map (30 secs) of where the player is. There could be an option where the player with the bounty on their head could ghost themselves for a fee for 30 mins? (Blocking the player from the entering safe zone might have to be implemented in order to stop abuse) Offshore A nice thing to see is something out at sea, something to explore. Why not add an offshore rig into the mix? Close combat potential and a hotspot for PvP? Another good thing to add would be the battleships, again somewhere to explore and visit. Maybe add loot to the areas? This opens up the map much more. Dusk There is no realism at the moment, it's always daytime. I'm not saying introduce a night cycle but maybe include dusk (40 mins before restart) making NVGs somewhat useful? I love being able to blend into the dark, I'm sure others would agree too? Overall, it opens up the map more and gives the player an additional reward. I have considered that player bases are on the map and will probably need working around. Of course rules might have to be introduced to these new features also. If you think my ideas could be tweaked, improved on or just don't simply work, drop a reply below! I would love to hear your thoughts on these features. Best Wishes CM.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if Tanoa would ever come to light on SG? It would be neat if it did!
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