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  1. s0mthing#1857 send me a message if you are interested
  2. team of 3 that are looking for extra team mates.
  3. how do you rearm that plane tho ?
  4. I heared that it was removed a while ago because the mod was removed from the workshop and i just opened the workshop and saw that they added it back and that you can back it up to your local files and use it even if it gets deleted again. I personally miss the ash and the dsr Two really good and well balanced sniper Please bring it back Im sure that myself and a lot more other played will support this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369953203
  5. After every restart you can just buy a pickup and grab all starter crates and crash sites you can see... i reaxh 40-60 thousand every time i get to do that Take in mind you have to be quick
  6. Here you are logging in... just to die to those BEEF guys (again...)
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