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  1. Hey guys, so far my time on the server for the past ~3 weeks I've been here has been an overall great experience. But as I've played, there are two small (what I think are small, I've never coded/scripted so I wouldn't know) quality of life changes you guys could implement into the server. Them being: A) With the recent changes to base and city Capture Points, where we now have to fight the AI completely- no more hiding in towers when doing the Bravo and Alpha CPs, I find that the capture circle can be too small on some of the bases, which leads to the player not being able to utilize available cover completely to deal with the AI. I'll provide a screenshot demonstrating the problem, where I moved to a gap to kill two AI, but I unknowingly stepped outside of the circle, while still in the general confines of the base, leading to a restart of the capture point timer. I believe that increasing the capture radius for Alpha and Bravo CPs by ~10-15 or so meters would greatly help in allowing the player to utilize all available cover and handle the AI. B) One of the best parts about this server in my opinion is the crate storage system that's implemented. Unlike other servers, it stops people from simply running up to the mission, picking up the crate, and booking it into a forest. This feature becomes a hindrance when , for example, you're coming back from your base after doing a Guns Guns Guns mission, wanting to store what loot you've been able to get, only for the crate to spawn 50m from your base, sometimes even more if it spawns outside a wall you have placed up, requiring you to run back and forth many times while constantly having to lock and unlock doors. I believe that it would be an amazing quality of life improvement, if, when in our territories, mission crates were treated like building objects/safes, and were allowed to move 20m. Here's my two cents, thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    SHOTS?!?!? Nope, just Rosco :|
  3. Name changers..

    KOTH stats aren't tied to your name, its tied to your profile, regardless of your name