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  1. good day my suggestion for today more rewards in game and out of game support and making the server better, more rewards for maybe the following, 1. someone gets noticed for taking the time helping players in discord and forums with there knowledge freeing up admins time with other issues. 2. bug reporting issues that affect game play (people will be more willing to report it for a reward that use the bug (maybe)). 3. suggestions that make the game more enjoyable for all. 4. player reporting- reporting players that actually break rules with evidence stopping people abusing the server. just a few things I came up with maybe the entire suggestion is crap but was just a thought. laters
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PrJIcP1kH-Vj75BgUHEDFN1oPfOLUHw1g1C-IYR6tgU/edit#gid=0 spread sheet updated with new parts
  3. I would like to see a armed veh u can drive that can be shot by the drive like the pawnee does not sure if there is one but it would be good for solo guys
  4. if making it a perk then people wont waste the perk points on it but people that say have a base up north and have spawn timer it could be handy to have and they would be willing to use the perk points
  5. I agree but he is thinking spawning them in like quads I think it would only really work if u had a high xp level and you spawn in with like 3 cords to be able to spawn it in. or it could be a perk you can unlock
  6. theses a parts that are coming they are just not ingame yet check ImUnleasheD's forum post he is designing them
  7. afternoon gents I created a spread sheet to help with building concrete parts https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ioOYImJLMU1X_-Ls_1w-OQOKgFLOvJbOCMceXsTXLms/edit?usp=sharing there maybe a few mistakes if so just let me no enjoy Bad kharma
  8. that looks great weldone dude
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