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  1. I thought the ability to move objects was only granted to promoted territory members, if not, then what do promoted members get that non-promoted members don't?
  2. We are a small group of mid 30's multi-national gamers (primarily USA / Sweden) in search of new members who are mature, Arma 3 experienced, can play as a team, are not annoying, are active on SG-Chernarus, and speak fluent English. If you think you fit this description we can try you out for a few days and go from there. For more information, please message me on this forum or join our DISCORD SERVER. ?️?
  3. Some of the rules on the rules page are vague and thus subject to many interpretations both from admins and players. Rules should be precise and broken down enough so that there is zero confusion. For instance: The NO PVP area around safe zones is somewhat of a grey area. The rule states: Once you enter the "NO PVP ZONE", any form of combat or engagement is not allowed. so does that mean that you can't physically attack someone in this zone but you can troll them? Could I perhaps run up and climb into the passenger seat of a vehicle slowly climbing the hill before it makes it into the trader? Could I knife/thermal scan vehicles parked outside here? Could I drain the gas from a car that someone is repairing in this zone or steal items from within it or steal the vehicle itself as he's repairing and drive it 100m into the safezone knowing its "no pvp" and my victim would face a possible ban for attempting to stop me? Or the fleeing into safe zones rule. Lets say I complete a mission that's a short distance away from a safe-zone trader and while on my way to that trader I'm attacked, since it was my original destination, do I now have to change destinations and turn to fight or flee my attacker or can i carry on into the zone? At what distance away from the safe zone could it be considered camping the safe-zone? Or lets say i'm being attacked and I run to the edge of the no pvp zone and hide, technically i'm not inside it, what amount of time has to pass before the "fleeing into the trader" rule is no longer in effect? I've been refueling a helicopter at the petrol station within the NO PVP zone of Zelenogorsk trader and have been killed from someone who sniped at me from outside of this zone. If he wasn't technically shooting into the safe zone and he wasn't inside the no pvp zone, and I wasn't on my way into the safe zone, was he in the wrong or? Building height limit restriction of 30m allows you to place the base of a tall object at 30m and it wont be deleted by your script, before the wipe, i had an admin tell me despite my placement of the base of the tall object at 30m, the top of the tall object (tower) exceeded 30m and he had to delete it. Is this the final word on that? I'm sure there are others but some of these i've seen people ask in side-chat time and time again. I was temp banned last night for a few hours for "combat logging". Its was a short time before restart at a just completed capture point. My combat warning flashy icon wasn't flashing anymore and I wasn't being shot at but other people in the area were killing each other. Is disconnecting, despite not being shot at and not being in combat according to the game mechanics that alerts you that you're in combat 'and prevents you from disconnecting', from an area that is rife with players engaged in combat considered combat logging? If so, what amount of time or what distance from players engaged in combat do you need to be in order to be safe from combat logging?
  4. The point is that there is a collision that shouldn't be happening and is potentially easily fixed whether you believe it damages (it does) or not is of no consequence.
  5. The sdv tows to the attack boats but rides too high up on them and when you untow it slams down onto the boat damaging both watercraft it should be at least as far as it tows to the rhib
  6. wat why is ur name meunstral boi

    1. MenstrualBoy


      I got the idea from watching Star Trek TNG. Its an old patriotic Irish song actually titled "The Minstrel Boy" I liked it and put a weirdo spin on it.

    2. Cassius
  7. Arma 2 had these little white planes that were so easy to fly and you could land them anywhere. I wonder if Arma 3 has anything like that.
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