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  1. That have two reasons in my opinion: 1. nothing inside and not worth it spending time on hacking (thermal scanning works better for such kind of bases) 2. you dont wanna get wallbanged by angry base owners or counter raiders
  2. but isnt´t the raiding system how it is right now, one reason for those large groups? because you need so much guys to grind, hack flag and safes. So when a small group trying to raid and have to interrupt everytime someone shows up, its such a waste of time and you get nothing. And if a large group really wants your base, doesnt matter if its System 1 or 2 .
  3. after first 3 failed it´s access denied and from there every 5 minute 1 try
  4. that´s not 100% correct, after the first 3 tries you have to wait 5 minutes for each try after that. so in the worst case you have to wait around 30 minutes.