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  1. I can't remember us doing a convoy on taki, but the one we did on chernarus didn't end well, if we didn't airdrop people back into the convoy we would've been fucked in the first city we hit rofl
  2. Trust me, it is very easy to destroy a convoy. We tried an event just like this on exo and it didn't really go well
  3. It might seem like a good idea, but the convoy is going to end up wiped pretty fast, and then it ends up in deathmatch between every other player to get the crate
  4. not every server has to be militarized
  5. that sounds pretty terrible
  6. It seems like your change is meant to kill the population/base building
  7. It is usually pretty easy to see the people that are going to put in an admin application, seeing as they spam every thread with some dumb answer. So my guess is that he wants to apply as admin and is just posting stuff
  8. what the fuck is that balancing ? ? ? ? ?
  9. And you will kill a population faster
  10. Why is it important? It makes no sense to increase it. Do people actually raid to make money, or to piss off/fuck over whoever they're raiding?
  11. This was an issue on the last server I played on, it was partly the reason it died
  12. Hedgehog


    I'd love to have a 4th trader in the bottom right area of the map
  13. Well they'd have to script it so that the players being raided can't just log off And what happens when the server restarts and the players being raided don't log in? Easiest "fix" would be to only allow raiding between X and X hours
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