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  1. it could give the owner of the vehicle the possibility to hook it into the safezone? thx
  2. Remeto


    i was dev/admin on Arma3, i had EBM on Huaen server, you have to remove all the large buildings, ex: solar tower, sea rock barrier, barracks, houses, Dome, big walls, rocks, etc. etc., little objects for base ex: fuel pump, containers storage, bank, i think not cause lag, and remove all not interactive objects ex: chairs, furniture decor, etc,etc. this is only my opinion, if you do not want to do it, there is no problem and sorry for my english.
  3. Remeto


    Congratulations on your server, really well done, I suggest 2 little thing if you want add: 1. R3FLOG but only for move the crates in your territory (r3f towing disable and r3f loading crate disabled) 2. Extended_Base_Mod with a right configuration ( discarding so many useless things ) I think it would give the server even more fun.
  4. Remeto

    Boat Dealer

    Maybe remove 1 boat dealer at north and add 1 at south