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  1. It takes a lot of time to set up the events,server sometimes poops itself when events happen Plus sometimes people just don't really care to show up for them,or find the events as an opportunity to raid while most of the server is at them.
  2. Alpha NPCs usually have RPG-42s on them so do town ones
  3. You can't move your flag,make a discord ticket and we will help you out
  4. Current Tavi pop is 47,pretty sure you can take one out.
  5. What exactly is the error message? Can you grab a screenshot?
  6. Sure,if you want them to stick their barrels through the walls and shoot you or spend 40 minutes trying to find the last AI. Only the easiest missions have 5 AI,if you're up for a challenge go do the CDF mission.
  7. You can pay for your territory in the Office NPC in the safezone Or you can alternatively use the Discord bot (Exile Server Manager,ESM) you can register on the bot through #bot commands You pay for your territory so you don't lose it.If you miss a payment it gets deleted.
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