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  1. Evvo

    Flag issue

    Excuse me, I thought I replied to this ages ago... Server restart placed the flag upright and it no longer causes issues. Problem solved, I just had to wait.
  2. Depends what I'm intending to do... Looting: a bit of food and drink, a pistol (preferably an Sa 61), a big backpack, not much else except an extension cord to spawn a quad. Looting a "busy zone" (like Balota): anything that takes a STANAG, preferably an M4 or Sanitised AR, otherwise see above. It'll be no time until you pick up all the attachments and ammo you need. Mission: marksman rifle like a Mk1 EMR or an M14, AMS, suppressor. Camping: large calibre long-range rifle like a Lynx or M107 and appropriate optics. Lots of food/drink. Base defence: Shotgun or LMG/SW with low recoil, like a LIM, MXS or SPAR-S
  3. Hello all. I'm new to the server but not to Arma nor Exile. My friend and I recently started jamming on the Chernarus Isles server, and today I spotted a nice place for a little starter base. My issue is as follows: upon placing my flag, I moved my mouse a little and it was constructed at an angle, poking through my second floor. Now if I go up the stairs, I get well and truly wrecked by my own base. When my friend gets home, I'm sure I could ask him to pack up my flag, but will there be any issues surrounding this method of action? The main issue here is that I can't (or don't know how to) pack up my own flag. How do I get around this? Is there a way to replace it without my friend's help?
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