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  1. Make towing not require rope.

    realism doesnt mean its more fun, itll get tedious after a while youll see
  2. aw yea i got 10 posts gimme da 20k name is ye man in game
  3. What Wat? Part 11

    good shit
  4. Loading Screen Message Suggestions

    you either die a basebuilder or you live long enough to become the baseraider
  5. New Buildable Buildings at Hardware store?

    doesn't look like a building fit for being a base, in my opinion, looks pretty useless to add
  6. Change Kamenka

    i'd love new submarines instead, the top speed is 23 km/h lol
  7. Updated Server Rules - READ

    thanks for the info
  8. What Wat? Parts 9 & 10

    nice compilation i hate ur grenade launcher