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Arma 3 Monetization

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Our rules on Monetizing are strict and abide by Bohemia's rules. You will NOT receive any benefit in-game that gives you an advantage over any other player.

All of our "perks" have been approved by Bohemia, if you have any questions then please message @Sean here on the forums.

By Monetizing, we can give you something in return for your contribution to our community.


What your contribution can get you:

All "perks" for these can be found on the product pages. Please read through the descriptions thoroughly.


Terms and Conditions for your contribution:

  • All monetary contributions made to this community are 100% optional.
  • We do not and will not grant you any advantage in-game for your contribution.
  • In the situation of a wrongly disputed case of your contribution, you will be permanently banned from this community. If you wish to dispute your monetary contribution, then please directly contact @Sean.


Please note that we have written permission from all the mod creators to use and Monetize their mods on our Arma 3 servers. We can provide this information upon request if it is appropriate.

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