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Juicy J

Make the mk 18 damage more

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Sorry for my english btw

Can we make the mk18 damage more then 11? the scar, troy, some of the H&K and others damage 17,2, but the mk18 only damage 11, its a good weapon, but since all the modded guns damage more no one uses the mk18 and its a shame, so why not add some mags for this weapon so its worth using. 

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HK 417 RECCE 16in

H&K G3/SG1

Scar-H STD

FN FAL 50.00 (RIS)


M-14 DMR




Those are like the main DMR's that all 1 shot with 20+ round mags, just get the mag with the most damage, which should be around 17+.


If you want something more close range just use any of the 5.56 guns that use the Mk262 Mod 1 SBLR That does like 12.4 damage and you can laser.

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