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Exile Server Rules

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[SG] Exile Rules
These rules apply to all Exile servers in this community

General Rules

  • No Hacking.
  • No Advertising.
  • No Duping.
  • No Wall glitching. This includes but no limited to, looking through walls or floors, or run at walls/floors to gain access to a base or peaking through an object to gain any advantage.
  • No Exploiting. This included but not limited to, laying inside of objects or abusing broken Arma mechanics.
  • Accusing players of doing something illegal must be backed up with proof!
  • Removing/Placing building parts within your territory while being raided is not allowed.
  • Suspect someone of hacking? Please let us know in TS or PM via the forums.
  • If you have a problem with any of the admins, please contact Senior Management (Community Founder/Owner or Head Admin) on TS or via PM on the forums. Any form of public slandering or abuse in side chat will not be tolerated.
  • Persistent combat logging is a punishable offence.
  • Spawn camping just to annoy is a punishable offence. (Bambi Towns)
  • Air to Air, Air to Ground and Air to Base Kamikaze is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not log out inside of other players bases. Logging out for the restart is fine as long you lag back in after a very short amount of time.
  • Impersonating Staff will result in an instant ban.
  • Impersonating another group/person is not allowed and you will be kicked without warning.
  • No inappropriate language, racism, sexual comments, health threats or life insults!
  • Respect all players, no matter of the situation.
  • Admins are here to help. If you wish to speak to an Admin, please join our TeamSpeak.
  • English only in side-chat. Use <NumPad 6> if  you wish to speak another language, thanks.
  • Admin decisions are final! We do run an appeal system on the forums for more serious matters where a more senior member will look at the issue. The decision made in these by the Community Owners/Manager or Head Admin is final and will not be reversed.
  • Do not start a hack territory/safe with no intent of finishing it. Try and stay within 75m of the hacking laptop.

Safe Zone Rules

  • No Safe Zone ramming. Your vehicle will be deleted without warning!
  • No stealing in Safe Zones. If it's not yours, do not touch it. This is including dead bodies.
  • Do not follow a player out of the Safe Zone and kill them or engage in anyway.
  • Do not block traders with vehicles or crates.
  • Vehicles left in the Safe Zones on restarts will be unlocked and can be taken within the first 5 minutes.
  • Destroying vehicles in the Safe Zone is forbidden.
  • No trolling within the Safe Zones.
  • Legitimately stolen vehicles are owned by the person that drove it into the Safe Zone. You cannot take it back if you got it taken from you!
  • Scouting from Safe Zone is not allowed.
  • No shooting other players within 500m of the Safe Zone. This is considered the "NO PVP ZONE". (The red circle around the black circle)
  • No combat evading into the Safe Zone or "NO PVP ZONE". If you're actively being shot at or in combat by another player. Do not enter these zones.
  • Once you enter the "NO PVP ZONE", any form of combat or engagement is not allowed.
  • Do not camp the border of the "NO PVP ZONE".
  • You can not steal a vehicle the first 5 min after a server crash


Building Rules

  • You can only have 2 bases per family/group and only have access to your family bases! Bypassing this in any way can result in bases being deleted.
  • Your flag must be accessible at the bottom. The entire thicker part of the flag must be visible when placed. You can NOT place anything on your flag such as walls or floors etc to protect it, instead use a “flag room”. Where you can place as many walls as you wish surrounding the flag to protect it. Protecting the top of your flag can be done by covering it with destructible items such as supports, walls or floors.
  • The use of indestructible items to surround your flag is not allowed.
  • Your flag must be placed on the ground, it must not be sunken or floating in anyway.  
  • No floating safes. Removing floors to make your safes unraidable is not allowed.
  • Do not build on roads. You are allowed to build over roads but room has to be made for vehicles to pass under. You can build at end of the road such as a dead end.
  • You have to pay protection to maintain your territory every 8 days, when a base is not maintained for 8 days, it will be deleted! Recommend to pay every 7 days.
  • Do not build over the 30m height limit! Objects above 30m will be automatically deleted on each restart.
  • If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, doors and safe pins sets to 0000 after 2 days.
  • If the ransom money isn't paid for your territory, the base will be deleted after 3 days.
  • Bases are not to be made to camp any kind of trader or spawn zone.
  • You are not allowed to build within 200 meters of major cities or towns, such as Vybor, Pustoshka, Lopatino, Zelenogorsk, Stary or Novy Sober. (If it allows you to build a town then you're allowed to build there. Some towns are blocked, making it impossible to place any object.)
  • You are not allowed to build within 800 meters of an aircraft trader. (Measured from the Aircraft marker on map)
  • You are not allowed to build within 800 meters of any Trader Zones, including non protected ones. (Measured from the trader marker on the map)
  • You are not allowed to build within 800 meters and Bambi towns. (Measured from the Dummy marker on the map)
  • You are not allowed to build within 500 meters of any concrete mixer. (Measured from the concrete mixer marker on the map)
  • You are not allowed to build within 200 meters of any fuel stations! (Measured from the petrol station markers)






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