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Looking for group - Small or new preferably and mature

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Hi looking to get back into exile. I have around 4000 hours in arma 3 alone and have played every iteration of epoch or exile and pretty much every other popular mod for A2 and A3.

Used to playing and leading my own groups however my friends I usually play with can no longer commit to Exile regularly.


I am 32 years old and from the UK would prefer a mature group of players, I don't care about age just no screaming and shouting on voice comms, nice and clear for missions etc. Doesn't mean I am not for a laugh just time and place etc.

I can fly heli's and planes and have experience with all the weapons. 

My best skill would probably be tactics and strategy, I like groups who plan their entry points and identify likely sniping positions etc. before missions.

If anyone is interested in teaming up or please send me a message or reply here.

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On 12/10/2018 at 9:53 PM, unknownrandy said:

If anything lets start are own haha unknownrandyofficial on steam


Just seen this... added you dude. We are UK / EU mainly but maybe we can get some more US players and we play all sorts of times. Will be playing a lot this weekend so feel to come join!

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