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  1. D'Tail

    BDRM-2 (HQ)

    Is there any chance we could have this beauty be purchaseable at Blackmarket 15 - 20k? It's a GREAT roamer! It can take quite a punch and can swim!
  2. Such a bummer, most of us stopped playing ArmA after 8kish hours.. and we stopped for good half a year ago. This map and this server was the only reason why we decided to give it another try. We are really enjoying the map and the server. Bug this bugs that, we expected that. This is ArmA! Imagine a bug-free ArmA,.. that's a story for another dimension. xD! It really really,.. sucks to see it go. We have one player in our group which has always been like "Feck this, feck that. Don't like this, that etc.". It is the first time in the past 6 years knowing him... He didn't said that anything sucks. He was happy and played it and laughed his ass off :D. But idk, if I could kick myself hard enough to play on cherno, let alone altis. They are at least for us, after so many hours. . . worn out~ Know what I mean? Or maybe, have a custom map. But something more recent~ Idk,.. :v
  3. I have stable 60 Vsync FPS (Got an old 60hz Monitor). I asked my friends (5) and all of them have almost the same 50 ~ 90, only encountering some standard lags sometimes. But I guess, we are just used to play on 200 pop Servers with 20 - 40 FPS, which makes the Server here feel smooth af. Like... sssssssmoooooooooth. :c But ya, that sucks if others have extreme issues with the map. The worse part are the inpenetrable bushes and the giant bounding boxes, which maked your bullets go all over the place even if you are just sitting next to a bush.. xD
  4. I have no idea what you are talking about. Would you please explain? Thus could be anything!~
  5. Myesh! How much is the fish! I mean, server!? I would be OK to donate to help keeping Livonia alive.
  6. At primetime there are enough players. Also who's experiencing poor performance? Except a little desync (That's ArmA) it runs awesome. We are a few players and all of us are at ~60FPS. The only negative here is the "DLC" part, but as said, there are enough players to have fun with. - You can not expect any server to be 24/7 full. Adults have to work, kids have go to school. That's life. Please don't take it away, there's no other Livonia Server with Admins who know what they're doing.
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