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  1. Late respond. True about the info in lower right corner. DTail. Can't enter Configure > Game since infiSTAR closes the window for some reason. Oh well, using the alternative info in the other corner when needed. cheers
  2. Hi. When I'm using Bullet cam the windows with the camera is blocking info about ammo left, scope setting etc. Tried to move everything I can find in the Editor but its still there. Is there a way to move it? I can't open the Game menu ingame because of infiSTAR. Any ides? cheers
  3. This is a damn shame. I really liked the map and can't say I experienced any problems with it (more than the usual Arma). Running on an old i5 ,probably 3 years or so, with ok fps. I guess I'm used to playing between 30-60 fps.
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