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  1. I know this is a 2 months old but if you guys are still recruiting... ___________________________________________________ -In game name: PaPa Strudl -Age: 21 -Location/Time zone? CET +1 -Do you have a Mic and access to Discord: Yes (PaPa Štrudl#5847) -How many hours u got in arma? 690h -How much hours have you played on Exile: Most of my arma 3 hours -Why do you want to join Envy? I've been playing solo most of the time on exile servers, I have been a part of clans before but not in arma 3, so this would be a great new experience. I love the game even tho its broken at times but I can keep my cool and I don't give up easily. I have spent 1300+h in both armas. _________________________________________________________
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