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  1. drink all the booze, hack all the safes
  2. I was messing around with it for a bit. Seems like verifying both tryk and ni fixed it! Lesson Learned: Verify!!! Thank you anyways
  3. I have been trying to get on to the SG servers, but I keep running into a problem when joining. The server does not give a reason as to why I was kicked, but all it says is "Kicked from the game" or something along those lines. Here is what I know: 1. When using both A3Launcher and vanilla launcher to load mods, The "Loading Addons" splash before startup says "hclweapons_acr requires mod hclweapons_core" 2. When i manually load the addons with the core, looking at the server in the browser, both TRYK and NIArsenal have the red dots with everything else being green All my mods were downloaded from the steam workshop mostly. Any help and feedback to help me fix this would be greatly appreciated! Nick
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