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  1. To be fair, I don't think base raiding should be shown on the map. Never understood why this is a thing....
  2. It can, especially when you fly a lot and the helis are giving you a headache ? We used it on another server before and it was so nice. Very well received by the community as well.
  3. I would suggest a feedback on my suggestion ?
  4. **I wanted to post this here, but it got posted to Exile Cherno instead, that topic could be deleted if you want** Hi! Quite new to the server, loving it so far, great addons, nice community, good experience! One thing that I really miss though, is the extra quiet earplug option. There is already an option to lower the volume, but I've seen the extra quiet one on a few servers as well and it's really nice to use in certain situations (especially when you have to fly 15km, the sound is still way to loud ? ) So, is this something that could be implemented? I was talking about it with my group and all of us really do miss that option. Hope to hear some feedback! See ya on the battlefield ?
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