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  1. Yes sry i was meaning before a few days 40 players in every evening was minimum
  2. Yes this server has awesome Fps and was so much fun to play. It was not full thats right, but it can get full automatically, when we the players are more helpful to new players. There were every day a few new players which asking some questions and no one was answering. Instead of to let them come in, some players assault them before they startet to play. And this little woodbases were destroyed instantly, of course most players get pissed then and get surrender. I dont mean no PvP, but just let them come in and are very helpful and get this server completly full. This server has most time in evening 40 players for a few days, an server like that has much potential to get completly full. We can also say other players we know from other servers they could come on this server, making advertising private to friends and players we know. There are much long staying Players on Abramia and dont want that this server shut down. When we do this things this server will get full like your other servers. I am sure the players will help all together. When you guys keep this server open i buy for sure premium every month and other players will do that too. There are many people that feels like me... I think thats a big mistake to shut down this server. I and much other players will be very sad about that... I hope you guys dont shut this server down... Greetings to all and sry for my bad english
  3. Its very sad that this server will shutting down. I played on much servers and this was the much best server i ever played. Is it possible to become the locker money and respect from Abramia on one of your other servers? That would be super. Its very bad for the players that all the hard work was for nothing in the end...